Below are the most common questions people have asked about the LFDA.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the LFDA and its operations. Click on a question to see the answer.

General Questions
Why has the Live Free or Die Alliance formed?
The Live Free or Die Alliance was formed to make citizenship easier in NH. Its aim is to honor traditional NH principles but present a new option, one that adapts to the fast pace of modern life and harnesses technology to put active citizenship within the daily reach of all citizens.
Why now?
Consider that most NH citizens are unaware of the large number of issues that affect them and where their elected officials stand on these issues. Prior to 1985, the NH Legislature reviewed 250 bills per year, but today there are over 1,100 and this number doesn't even take local issues into account.

Due to busy lifestyles and changes in communication, NH citizens are less informed and engaged than ever before. For this reason, the Founding Members want to bolster the role of active citizenship that has long been a cornerstone of NH's proud and storied past. NH citizens need tools that can keep them connected, active, and able to make an impact on their government and the LFDA provides these citizenship tools.
Is the Live Free or Die Alliance truly nonpartisan?
The Live Free or Die Alliance is vigorously nonpartisan with an emphasis on citizenship, not politics. The LFDA is not against parties, rather it welcomes people from all political parties and independents with a variety of views, for this is the source of energy and ideas that will solve national, state, and local problems and advance our nation. It is important to note that the LFDA Founding Members represent all political parties.

Unfortunately, our country is in the grips of a hyperpartisanship epidemic that is taking political polarization to an extreme. Public opinion polls confirm that many citizens believe political parties sometimes do more to confuse the issues than to clarify them and the number of independents is growing.

The LFDA offers a solution as an objective source about NH issues and candidates and a civil forum for citizens to find common ground. The LFDA provides an alternative to spin and biased information to break down the barriers of partisanship.
Isn't this just another anti-tax group?
This is not an anti-anything group This is a group FOR the following:
  • Active citizenship
  • Keeping well informed
  • Expressing views
  • Volunteering
  • Informed voting
What makes this effort unique?
The LFDA takes no policy positions and endorses no candidates, it is truly the servant of the citizen. The LFDA is member (NH citizen) driven. Members set the agenda, propose and debate issues, and take action as individuals. The LFDA is the only initiative serving the people of NH by providing tools to make citizenship easier.
How will you pursue this mission?
The LFDA reaches out to a very broad community, connecting with citizens through its website, online forums, and face-to-face meetings. By providing objective information not just on the issues but on political candidates, the LFDA will succeed in its mission to make citizenship easier. By harnessing technology, the LFDA is citizenship for the 21st century.
How broad and diverse is the membership body going to be of NH people?
One of the unique aspects of the LFDA membership is the great diversity of its Founding Members and current membership. The LFDA not only welcomes people from all political parties, but believes that this very diversity will make our state and communities stronger and more vibrant. Everyone is welcome.
Whose idea was it to form this group?
In 2008, a small group of NH citizens of various political persuasions felt that "citizenship" was being confused with "politics." The Founding Members decided to try to give NH citizens the tools to make citizenship easier and separate it from the realm of politics by providing an objective glimpse into the issues faced and to give citizens a voice in the deliberations.

The Founding Members felt that taking on a challenge like this at the national level would be impossible, but they felt that hyperpartisanship was not so severe in NH and that the state was compact enough to enhance the odds of success.
What is the legal status of this effort?
The LFDA is a New Hampshire not-for-profit corporation and is an approved federal 501(c)3 public charity. That is, contributions to support the LFDA are tax deductible to the extent of the law.
Are there any out of state forces driving this group?
Isn't the phrase "Live Free or Die" outdated?
It is still very much alive. It has been the state's motto since 1945 and it belongs to all NH citizens. In a Becker Poll dated March 2008, 76% of those interviewed approved of this concept, including over 80% of young people.


Membership Questions
How can people join?
Through our website: or snail mail to: PO Box 264, Freedom, NH 03836
Are there dues? How much does it cost to join?
It costs nothing to join, but the LFDA relies on donations to carry on its mission. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. If you would like to make a donation, click here
How is this group going to grow?
Through word of mouth and modern communication efforts, i.e. website, email, other media
What is a Member?
Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Members are individuals who share the goals of the LFDA, support its principles, and have provided contact information to the LFDA. Members who register through the website also have posting privileges on the LFDA website. Members who do not wish to register through the website may contact the LFDA directly by phone, e-mail, or snail mail. For more information on membership, click here.
What is a Founding Member?
An individual who has helped structure and launch the LFDA. For more information, see About LFDA
What is the Live Free or Die Alliance Council?
A group of Regular Members throughout the state who have volunteered to be active in the Alliance by organizing and leading activities in their communities.
What is the role of the Board of Directors?
Oversight of all aspects of the Live Free or Die Alliance. For more information, see About LFDA
Will the LFDA have a social aspect?
Yes, Membership meetings, Council meetings, debates and any other activities desired by the members for camaraderie and enjoyment


Funding and Budget
Who is funding this effort? How is it going to sustain itself and be successful?
Funding will be mainly through members’ voluntary contributions (and these are tax deductible to the extent of the law), as well as by a select group of corporate donors. We also receive some funding through the sale of LFDA clothing and accessories at our Store
Will this group advertise?
Yes, if necessary, to promote outreach for new members
What will be the expenses of the LFDA?
Annual expenses will support our small staff and operations. Click here for more details.
Is this group going to have an office? Staff?
Yes – an Executive Director, an Editor, Administrative Assistant, and an office, but it will be primarily driven by volunteers


Is this group going to lobby certain laws?
LFDA will not lobby. It will provide information to its members; the members will do the lobbying on issues that concern them if they are so inclined.
Is this group going to target candidates in NH elections?
No, it is a civic, not a political entity-it will provide information on candidates and elected officials as they relate to issues in the state, but will not endorse candidates.
Is this a conservative or liberal group?
A NH group - all are welcome and we encourage a diversity of views.
Will this group be more visible during state elections?
It will be visible at all times.
Does this group have any major political support?
The LFDA is not about politics, it is vigorously nonpartisan, but we are confident that many public servants will subscribe to our principles, and we welcome them as members.


Will the LFDA need volunteers?
Volunteers are essential to the vitality of the LFDA-it is a citizen driven, member-driven organization.
What will volunteers do?
Volunteers will help edit issues, conduct research, organize events, recruit members, maintain the website, update merchandise and promote the Alliance to their local community. Click here to volunteer.
Why should I volunteer?
Volunteering with the LFDA will allow you to engage on issues facing New Hampshire and provide a way to connect with other citizens.
What are the benefits of volunteering?
A 2007 study concluded that volunteering "leads to a sense of greater self-worth and trust" and "when individuals volunteer, they are more likely to live longer."
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