Hassan supports min. wage hike

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On Tuesday Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee urging support for HB 1403, a bill increasing the minimum wage.

HB 1403 would raise the minimum wage from $7.25, the federal minimum, to $9.00 in 2016.  Future increases would be linked to the cost of living index.

"Restoring and increasing New Hampshire’s minimum wage will help our economy by putting more money in the pockets of hard-working people of all ages to spend at businesses across the state," wrote Gov. Hassan.

Some businesses argue the increase would instead decrease employment.

"The ramifications are fewer hours for the current employees, perhaps not hiring when I might otherwise have, and I will do more myself," said Curtis Barry with the New Hampshire Retail Association.

HB 1403 already passed the House.  The Senate Finance Committee will provide the full Senate with a recommendation on whether or not to pass the bill.

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On Earth Day, litter still a problem

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According to the state Department of Transportation, the amount of litter in New Hampshire has been roughly level over the past few years.  The state spends some money on trash pickups and enforcement, but most of the litter is gathered by volunteers.

Last year the Department spent $870,000 on trash pickup. 

Littering is a misdemeanor and carries a $297.60 fine, but the perpetrator must be caught in the act.  Last year the state collected $29,742 in fines, according to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Some environmentalists argue the state could do more to prevent littering.  For example, in 2014 Rep. Charles Weed (D-Keene) sponsored HB 1287, a bill that would require a small refundable deposit on beverage containers. 

Supporters argued that the small deposit would motivate individuals to recycle bottles instead of throwing them away or littering. 

Opponents argued that the deposit would just raise beverage prices with little to no effect on recycling. 

The House killed the bill in February 2014.

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Latest NH Poll: Clinton v. Who?

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According to the latest Granite State Poll, Hillary Clinton is very likely to win the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary.  The Republican race is wide open.

65% of Democratic voters said they would likely vote for Hillary Clinton.  Vice President Joe Biden was a distant second with only 6%.

Among Republican voters, 15% said they would likely vote for Sen. Rand Paul, 13% said they would likely vote for New Hampshire's Sen. Kelly Ayotte, 13% said they would likely vote for Rep. Paul Ryan, and 12% said they would likely vote for Gov. Chris Christie.

However, the majority of surveyed voters said they were not yet committed to their decision.

The poll surveyed 507 randomly selected New Hampshire residents, including 184 likely Democratic Primary voters, 187 likely Republican Primary voters, and 136 other/independent voters.  The margin of error was +/-7%.

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Senate passes cell phone ban

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On Thursday the state Senate passed HB 1360, a bill that bans any cell-phone use while driving, unless the device is hands-free.

Supporters argued that crash statistics justify a ban.

"This is not an infringement on the rights of citizens," said Sen. Jim Rausch (R-Derry), "but a reasonable limit on the use of the technology we have today to keep us safer."

Opponents argued the state was overreaching. 

"This is about what this legislative body tells people they can or cannot do," said Sen. Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford). "Clearly this shows we are walking toward a Nanny State."

The Senate extended the effective date of the bill to July 2015 and added a public education campaign.  The House must approve those changes before the bill goes to Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) for her signature.

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Voice your opinion on Northern Pass

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The state legislature is currently considering two bills that would require the Site Evaluation Committee to give preference to plans that bury electrical lines and place them along public rights of way: HB 569 and SB 245.  Both bills would impact the proposed Northern Pass transmission line project.

The LFDA knows this issue is important to our members, and we are working to make your voice heard.  First, we have summarized our fans' Facebook comments on the Northern Pass into a report for lawmakers:  CLICK HERE to read the report.

Here are some more ways to make your voice heard:

1. Contact your representatives and share your opinion
CLICK HERE to find your representatives' profile, including contact information.  Write an e-mail, snail-mail a letter, or make a phone call to let them know where you stand.

2. Sign a petition
Do you want New Hampshire to bury the Northern Pass transmission lines?  CLICK HERE to sign a petition in favor of burying or blocking the Northern Pass.  Do you want to express support for the Northern Pass?  CLICK HERE to sign a petition on the Northern Pass website.

3. Comment online
CLICK HERE to comment on a LFDA Facebook post about the Northern Pass, or CLICK HERE to post your thoughts on our site.  CLICK HERE to see a discussion started by one of our members.

4. Learn more
The LFDA makes it easy to form an educated opinion on the issues.  CLICK HERE to see the LFDA issue page on the Northern Pass.

Hassan supports min. wage hike

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On Earth Day, litter still a problem

Latest NH Poll: Clinton v. Who?

Senate passes cell phone ban

Voice your opinion on Northern Pass

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