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Gubernatorial News

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Aug. 2, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: N.H. governor, GOP lawmakers talking, but still no budget deal

July 30, 2015
NHPR: Hassan Won't Support Arming N.H. National Guard Recruiters

July 29, 2015
Union Leader: Gov. Hassan says National Guard recruiters should not be armed

July 28, 2015
NH1: Hassan fights to keep financing for NH drug czar alive
WMUR: Latest poll shows Ayotte leading Hassan
Concord Monitor: Governor signs bill modernizing securities regulations

July 26, 2015
WMUR: Governor Hassan joins governors across the country at summer meeting
NHBR: Hassan’s budget proposal: faster BPT cuts, but none in BET rate

July 25, 2015
Union Leader: New law adds fine on domestic violence charge

July 24, 2015
NH1: Hassan offers new NH budget plan: Cigarette tax, motor vehicle fee hikes to pay for business tax cuts
NHPR: Hassan Makes Budget Overture; GOP Finds it Lacking
Seacoast Online: Gov. Hassan presents compromise N.H. budget plan
Union Leader: Gov. Hassan’s budget compromise doesn’t impress GOP lawmakers
WMUR: Hassan focus of charges, counter-charges by pro-Republican group, Democrats
WMUR: Hassan offers compromise proposal on budget
Concord Monitor: Hassan offers compromise plan on state budget

July 23, 2015
NHBR: Governor signs bill limiting commercial lease tax
WMUR: WMUR poll: Ayotte holds small lead over Hassan in possible US Senate match-up

July 22, 2015
WMUR: WMUR poll: Hassan leads Sununu in potential 2016 match up
WMUR: Governor releases guidelines to fight state's heroin problem

July 21, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Hassan vetoes Planet Fitness-related tax change
NHPR: Hassan Vetoes So-Called 'Planet Fitness' Tax Provision
Union Leader: Gov. Hassan vetoes Planet Fitness tax law request
WMUR: Gov. Hassan signs bill limiting use of welfare cards
Concord Monitor: Hassan vetoes Planet Fitness-related tax change

July 20, 2015
WMUR: Gov. Hassan to take action on Planet Fitness-related tax change

July 19, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Immunity for 911 callers with Good Samaritan Law

July 18, 2015
Keene Sentinel: Governor calls for more meetings on proposed gas pipeline in New Hampshire

July 17, 2015
Union Leader: Gov. Hassan wants more public input on pipeline plans
WMUR: Hassan urges Republican leaders to return to budget negotiations

July 15, 2015
Union Leader: Signed law eliminates felony cases from district court
WMUR: Hassan weighs in, noncommittal, on Iran deal
Concord Monitor: Governor signs Felonies First bill  
Concord Monitor: Federal grant to combat substance abuse turns political hot-button issue in N.H.
Conway Daily Sun: Hassan hails Lower Falls renovation project

July 14, 2015
NHPR: Hassan Signs Bill to Increase Funding For Domestic Violence Prevention
NHPR: Hassan Signs Bill To Study Uber, Ridesharing Services
NHPR: Gov. Hassan Has Been Busy With Her Veto Pen This Year
NHPR: On The Political Front: 2016 Senate Race Looms Over State Budget Battle
Union Leader: Bill raises funds for domestic violence prevention
WMUR: Sununu criticizes Hassan over heroin grant
WMUR: Hassan signs bill increasing domestic violence prevention funding
WMUR: Dueling polls: Newly-released GOP survey has Ayotte leading Hassan

July 13, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Budget stalemate puts Hassan's Senate decision on hold

July 11, 2015
Union Leader: Hassan vetoes 30-day wait to vote in New Hampshire
WMUR: Hassan vetoes bill requiring 30-day residency for voting
Foster's Daily Democrat: Gov. Hassan vetoes 30-day residency requirement to vote

July 10, 2015
Union Leader: Governor signs $126 million capital budget
Conway Daily Sun: Gov. Hassan to attend Lower Falls dedication Friday

July 9, 2015
Union Leader: Hassan signs Good Samaritan bill into law
Concord Monitor: Hassan signs ‘Good Samaritan’ law
Union Leader: GOP wants records of Hassan's communication with Sen. Reid

July 8, 2015
WMUR: Hassan being urged to consider ‘all options,’ top advisor says
NHPR: National Democrats Urge Hassan to Jump into Senate Race

July 7, 2015
NH1: Gov. Hassan vetoes bill to repeal concealed weapon permit requirement
Union Leader: Hassan shoots down gun bill that allowed concealed carry without a permit
Seacoast Online: Hassan vetoes bill to remove N.H. concealed carry license
Seacoast Online: Gov. Hassan signs bill banning synthetic drugs in N.H.
NHPR: Gov. Hassan Signs Bill Expanding The Use Of Medical Marijuana
NHPR: Hassan Signs Bill Banning Synthetic Drugs Sales Statewide
NHPR: Gov. Hassan Vetoes Bill Ending Conceal & Carry Permits
Concord Monitor: Hassan vetoes bill to remove concealed carry license
Eagle-Tribune: Hassan vetoes bill to remove concealed carry license

July 6, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: Hassan: Budget impasse will be solved by compromise
Foster's Daily Democrat: Gov. Hassan signing bill banning synthetic drugs

July 4, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Hassan likely to veto bill removing concealed gun license
Concord Monitor: State House: Bills’ fates hang on Hassan

July 3, 2015
WMUR: Budget battle slows speculation over Hassan Senate run
Valley News: Hassan: Revisit state budget

Legislature News

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Aug. 2, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: N.H. governor, GOP lawmakers talking, but still no budget deal
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: Bipartisan group to focus on ‘opportunity gap’

July 31, 2015
Seacoast Online: 2 state lawmakers push for Sea-3 expansion
Concord Monitor: Breast-feeding rally to urge broader legislation in N.H.  
Foster's Daily Democrat: Dover's education funding fight appears lost

July 30, 2015
NHPR: Amid Political Jostling, Lawmakers Approve Funding For N.H.'s Drug Czar
Union Leader: State drug czar funding approved by legislative committee
WMUR: Lawmakers approve continued funding for drug czar
Concord Monitor: N.H. drug czar position extended through December
NH1: NH drug czar gets a vote of confidence, albeit with some GOP misgivings

July 29, 2015

Seacoast Online: Amid criticism, funding for N.H. 'drug czar' up for debate

July 28, 2015
NHPR: Republican Senator Says Drug Czar Must Resign
Union Leader: NH drug czar: No plans to leave job
Concord Monitor: Sanborn: Drug czar should resign for failure to meet with police chiefs

July 26, 2015
WMUR: Fish and Game Commission honors Gene Chandler
Concord Monitor: CapBeat: Talking sex, approval ratings for lawmakers and the northern border  
Union Leader: Pot Profits: How do you regulate when federal and state laws clash?
Union Leader: Ethics and reform are central to Sytek's professional goals

July 25, 2015
NHPR: Growing Majority Of Granite Staters Support Loosening Marijuana Laws

July 24, 2015
Union Leader: Gov. Hassan’s budget compromise doesn’t impress GOP lawmakers
WMUR: Five terms in House is enough, former speaker O’Brien says
WMUR: WMUR Poll: Support for legalization, decriminalization of marijuana grows
Concord Monitor: Former speaker O’Brien won’t run for re-election, moving on to head tech company

July 23, 2015
Union Leader: Drew Cline: Former Speaker Bill O'Brien says a decade in the NH House is enough

July 20, 2015
Concord Monitor: Waiting list for state money to help towns fix bridges spans nearly a decade

July 19, 2015
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: State currently has 173 active committees and commissions with more on the way

July 18, 2015
Concord Monitor: Most workers moonlighting at second state job lose one source of income after state policy change

July 17, 2015
NHPR: Budget Turmoil Puts Substance Abuse Treatment Community In Limbo

July 16, 2015
NHPR: With No New Budget, State's Plan for Military Culture Liaisons On Hold

July 15, 2015
NH1: NH Senate lawyer rejects bid to disclose individual emails, calls, calendars of GOP senators
Union Leader: House and Senate deny Democrats’ right-to-know request for records
WMUR: State Senate legal counsel denies Democrats’ request for communications records

July 14, 2015
NHPR: On The Political Front: 2016 Senate Race Looms Over State Budget Battle

July 13, 2015
NHPR: Budget Agreement Could Be Months Away, State Senator Says
Seacoast Online; N.H. lawmakers plan September return for veto votes

July 12, 2015
Seacoast Online: 17 state lawmakers have perfect voting percentages

July 11, 2015
Seacoast Online: Senator meets with AG about cop's $2.7M inheritance

July 10, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: New Hampshire lawmaker questions Dartmouth land agreement
NH1: NH GOP legislator compares silent officers to 'Hitler's men' in Facebook post about concealed gun permits

July 9, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Sen. Forrester, others saved nursing home funding
NHPR: State Budget Finger-Pointing Continues – Now, Through Email
WMUR: Democrats blame Ayotte for State House budget gridlock
Laconia Daily Sun: Sen. Jeanie Forrester - Governor needs to share spending numbers, soon

July 8, 2015
NH1: Controversial Seabrook candidate Rio Tilton wins special election for NH House seat
Union Leader: House Speaker says his words taken out of context

July 7, 2015
Union Leader: NH House Speaker: Let Democrats 'vote their conscience' on budget
Seacoast Online: Andrews-Ahearn faces Seabrook teen in special election

July 6, 2015
Union Leader: Garry Rayno's State House Dome: Budget bottomline is all about the taxes

July 3, 2015
Seacoast Online: Rep. Sherman honored for effort to curb teen tanning

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