New Hampshire's House of Representatives consists of 400 members. It is the largest state legislative body in the U.S. Representatives are paid $100 per year.


Rep. Larry RappaportRep. Larry Rappaport (R - Coos County District 1)
Experience: State Rep. 2008 - present
Committees: Science, Technology and Energy 
Residence: Colebrook
Education: New York University


Position on the Issues

 The Live Free or Die Alliance has not yet determined this official’s position on the issues important to our members. We are in the process of contacting the official. In the interim, if you have any relevant information you would like to share with us, please email to

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Voting Record:

2012 Session

SB 202 Apportioning US congressional districts. – voted for

HB 1670 Apportioning executive council districts. – voted for

HB 592 Apportioning state representative districts. – voted for

HB 1148 Requiring the teaching of evolution as a theory in public schools. – voted to kill

HB 1413 Directing New Hampshire to withdraw from the No Child Left Behind Act. – voted to table

HB 1713 Abolishing the department of education and transferring all functions, duties, and responsibilities to the commissioner of education and the state board of education. – voted not to kill

HB 1360 Exempting the state board of education from the rulemaking procedures in RSA 541-A and requires the state board of education to submit proposed rules to the house and senate education committees for approval. – voted for

HB 1660 Preventing abortions beyond 20 weeks gestation. – voted for

HB 1679 Prohibiting partial-birth abortions and third trimester abortions. – voted for

HB 1659 Mandating that women considering an abortion receive "complete and accurate information on abortion and its alternatives." – voted for

Employment and citizenship:
HB 1492 Requiring employers to verify an employee's eligibility to work in the United States. – voted not to kill

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:
HB 1487 Requiring prior legislative approval for the expenditure of funds involving New Hampshire in any low carbon fuel standards program. – voted for

Transferring governmental power:
CACR 28 Providing that the supreme court shall determine the constitutionality of judicial acts and the legislature shall determine the constitutionality of legislative acts. – voted not to kill

CACR 26 Providing that the article authorizing the chief justice of the NH Supreme Court to make rules governing the administration of all state courts shall be repealed. – voted for

Photo identification of voters:
SB 318 Requiring photo identification of voters. – voted for

SB 289 Requiring photo identification of voters. – voted for

Regulation of inmate release:
HB 1654 Authorizing earned time credits for inmates participating in rehabilitative programming. – voted against

Moratorium on refugees:
HB 1405 Allowing local governing bodies to establish moratoriums on refugee resettlement in New Hampshire communities. – voted for

Campaign finance reform:
HB 1676 Establishing a pilot program to provide campaign financing for eligible candidates for state senator from districts chosen by lot by the NH Secretary of State. – voted to kill

Religious exemption for services to same-sex couples:
HB 1264 Establishing a religious exemption for individuals who do not wish to provide accommodations, goods, or services for marriages. – voted against

Health care:
HB 1560 Establishing the interstate Health Care Compact which provides that each member state shall have the authority to enact state laws that supersede any and all federal laws regarding health care within its state. – voted for

HB 1297 Prohibiting the state of New Hampshire from planning, creating, or participating in a state health care exchange or a federal health care exchange. – voted for

Collective bargaining:
HB 1666 Requiring legislative approval of any collective bargaining agreement entered into by the state. – voted for

HB 1645 Prohibiting all public employees from participating in collective bargaining. – voted for

HB 1206 Prohibiting the state from withholding union dues from the wages of state employees. – voted for

HB 1677 Prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join a labor union. – voted for

Removing ban on firearms for felons:
HB 1511 Removing the prohibition on convicted felons possessing certain non-firearm weapons for self-defense and allowing possession of black powder weapons by convicted felons. – voted to kill

HB 1705 Allowing and regulating the purchase and use of marijuana by adults and imposing taxes on the wholesale and retail sale of marijuana. – voted to kill

HB 1526 Decriminalizing possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. – voted for

SB 409 Allowing and regulating the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. – voted against

Cutting TANF:
HB 1658 Limiting financial assistance for mothers who have additional children while receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). – voted for

Juvenile crimes:
HB 1667 Providing that persons up to 18 years of age shall be considered juveniles for the purpose of the criminal laws of New Hampshire. – voted to kill

Citizenship requirement for USNH in-state tuition:
HB 1383 Requiring that students receiving in-state tuition status within the University System of New Hampshire also be legal residents of the United States. – voted for

Primary elections voting:
HB 1595 Limiting voting at primary elections to persons registered as members of the party. – voted not to kill

Tax credits:
HB 1607 Establishing an education credit against the business profits tax for business organizations that contribute to scholarship organizations. – voted for

SB 372 Establishing an education credit against the business profits tax. – voted for

SB 295 Increasing the research and development tax credit against the business profits tax. – voted for

HB 1617 Repealing the certificate of need law. – voted against

HB 1650 Exempting foodstuffs grown or produced in and then sold in New Hampshire from federal regulation. – voted to kill

2011 Session

HB 113 Prohibiting the use of state funds for New Hampshire public television – voted for

HB 133 Ties NH minimum wage to Federal minimum wage rate – voted for

HB 176 Changing the definition of domicile as it applies to eligibility to vote and to hold certain offices – voted to kill

HB 218 Repealing the New Hampshire rail transit authority – did not vote

HB 329 Requiring parental notification before abortions performed on minors – voted for

HB 330 Relative to carrying a firearm and permits for carrying a firearm in NH – voted for

HB 340 Promoting parental choice in education – voted to kill

HB 474 Right to Work Bill – voted for

HB 519 Repealing New Hampshire's regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program – voted for

HB 569 Establishing a domestic union as a valid contract – did not vote

HB 631 Repealing the requirement that all school districts offer public kindergarten – voted not to kill

SB 1 Eliminating ‘evergreen clauses’ from public employee contracts – voted for

SB 3 Comprehensive changes to the state retirement system – voted for

SB 33 Relative to retired state employee contributions for medical benefit costs – voted for

SB 52 Relative to changes in early release of prisoners – voted for

SB 57 Relative to regulation of title loan lenders – voted against

SB 88 “Castle Doctrine” Bill – voted for

2010 Session

HB 1128 Repealing Meal and Room Tax Distribution Requirement – voted for

HB 1590 Repealing same-sex marriage – voted not to kill

HB 1607 I & D Tax – voted against

HB 1644 Expanding Homicide to Include "Unborn Child" – voted to kill

HB 1653 Decriminalization of marijuana – voted against

SB 450 General Fund Reductions and Tax and Revenue Changes – voted against

SB 489 Gambling Expansion – voted to kill

SB 497 LLC Tax and I & D Tax – voted against

CACR 28 Constitutional Amendment defining marriage – voted not to kill

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Contact Information

107 N. Main St.
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 271-3369

P O Box 158
Colebrook, NH 03576-0158
Phone: 603-237-4429

Cities and Towns

New Hampshire's House Coos County District 1 includes:

  • Atkinson & Gilmanton Academy Grant
  • Cambridge
  • Clarksville
  • Colebrook
  • Columbia
  • Dix’s Grant
  • Dixville
  • Dummer
  • Errol
  • Erving's Location
  • Millsfield
  • Odell
  • Pittsburg
  • Second College Grant
  • Stewartstown
  • Wentworth's Location