2012 Campaign Finances
Candidate Raised Spent Debts Cash on Hand % From
Small Indivs
Barack Obama (D) $715,667,692 $683,546,548 $7,223,153 $5,397,399 33%
Mitt Romney (R) $446,135,997 $433,281,516 $1,200,000 $12,921,629 18%
Gary Johnson (L) $2,553,878 $2,507,763 $197,002 $2,943 35%


Source: Center for Responsive Politics, OpenSecrets.org
Data from November 26, 2012 report

Total Fundraising

Source:open Secrets

Total Spending by PAC's

Gary Johnson's Total PAC Spending total is too low to register on graph.

Source:open Secrets

Sponsors of Voter Resources
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