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Rep. Charlie Bass (R) (incumbent, lost 2012 election)
Experience: U.S. Rep. 1995-2007, 2011-present
Committees: Energy and Commerce
Residence: Peterborough
Family: Married, 2 children
Education: Dartmouth College
Official Website:

Position On The Issues

Economy, Budget & Taxes:

• Does not think the U.S. economy needs more stimulus money.
• Does not support tax increases for corporations, individuals earning more than $250,000, individual earned income.
• Does not support increase for Interest and Dividends tax or Capital Gains tax.
• Wants to see the U.S. pursue addition free trade agreements
• Wants to pressure China to revalue their currency.
• Believes the president should have a line item veto.
• Supports a balanced budget amendment.
• Does not want to increase the age for social security
• Against reducing healthcare reimbursement rates.
• Against reducing the benefits and pay for federal employees
• Against enacting the Employee Free Choice Act.

National Security & Foreign Policy:

• Against illegal immigrants having a path to legal status.
• Supports sending illegal immigrants to their home country.
• Does not believe immigration should be left solely to the federal government
• Against going beyond economic sanctions on Iran to slow its nuclear development.
• Against trying suspected terrorists in civilian courts.
• Opposes putting extra pressure on Israel to stop settlements in the occupied territories.
• Opposes pressuring Israel to recognize Palestine as a state and signing a peace treaty with Palestine.
• Against profiling to enhance national security.
• Against reducing our commitment in Afghanistan and states:

“we should change the mission. Establishing and maintaining a western style representative democracy is not realistic; we should strengthen our intelligence gathering capability to the point where we have the capacity to identify terrorist cells, then eliminate them by unconventional means.“


• Believes individuals should be able to purchase health insurance across stateliness.
• Supports repeal of the healthcare bill
• Would like to see the healthcare bill amended to change some provisions and states:

“And replaced with a plan that will lessen, not increase government involvement, increase competition between health care insurers, provide for universal deductibility for health premiums, fund the community health care system, implement reasonable tort reform, allow for the sale of health care insurance policies sanctioned in any state in all states.”

• Supports revising the tort system to cap medical liability, cap punitive damages, eliminate contingent legal fees and adapt the loser pays principle for legal fees.

Bass states:
“I support tort law reform, we don't have punitive damages in NH, the loser pays principle should only apply to suits that go to trial and are determined by a judge to be frivolous in nature.”


• Supports amending the No Child Left Behind Act.

Energy & Environment:

• Against a federal carbon tax
• Does not support an offshore drilling ban
• Supports tax incentives for alternative fuels, such as wind and solar power.
• Supports tax incentives for development and/or the use of clean fuels from coal.
• Agrees with encouraging nuclear electric power generation through more timely permitting.

When asked if federal government enact a cap and trade law for carbon emissions Bass states:
“I oppose the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill or others that provide for taxation of carbon.”

When asked if oil drilling should be expanded into ANWR, offshore areas, etc. Bass states:
“Yes in offshore areas if properly managed and regulated, no in the Arctic National Wilderness.”

Social Issues:

• Does not believe federal government should play a role in gay marriage or abortion
• The NRA has given Bass an 'A' ratings for his stance on gun rights issues.


Interest Group Ratings:

• In 2010 the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund gave Bass a grade of A.
• In 2010 Gun Owners of America - Candidate Ratings gave Representative Bass a grade of B.
• In 2006 Citizens for Global Solutions gave Representative Bass a grade of C.
• In 2006 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Representative Bass a grade of C+.

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The Live Free or Die Alliance will continue to update this official's page with new sponsored bills and final votes on pieces of legislation throughout the current legislative session.

Voting Record:

  • Voted for HR 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act - Proposes a reformed audit of the Federal Reserve System
  • Voted for S 968: PROTECT IP Act - Gives the US government and copyright holders additional tools to curb access to "rogue websites dedicated to the sale of infringing or counterfeit goods", especially those registered outside the U.S.
  • Voted for HR 3261: Stop Online Piracy Act - Allows the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as copyright holders, to seek court orders against websites outside U.S. jurisdiction accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement
  • Voted for HR 1116: Respect for Marriage Act - Repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and requires the federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages
  • Voted for S 1549: American Jobs Act - Cuts payroll taxes, extends unemployment benefits, and encourages employment in small businesses.
  • Voted for HR 2: Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act - Repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act
  • Voted for HR 358: Protect Life Act: Proposes several changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including banning the use of federal funds to cover any costs of any health care plan that covers abortions, and others.
  • Voted for HR 3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act: Would permanently prohibit the use of federal taxpayer money to fund abortion services.
  • Voted for HR 2560: Cut, Cap, and Balance Act: Cutts federal spending, imposes caps on future federal spending as percentages of GDP, and encourages a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
  • Voted for HR 4348: Makes changes and reforms to federal transportation spending
  • Voted for HR 3606: Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act - Encourages funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations
  • Voted for HR 1148: Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act
  • Voted for HR 347: Permits Secret Service agents to designate any place they wish as a place where free speech, association and petition of the government are prohibited
  • Voted for HR 3630: Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 - Extends unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, and more
  • Voted for HR 3078: United States-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • Voted for HR 3079: Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement
  • Voted for HR 3080: South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Voted for HR 1249: Leahy-Smith America Invents Act - changing US patent issuance from "first to invent" to "first inventor to file"
  • Voted for S 365: Budget Control Act of 2011 - raising the debt ceiling and enacting budget cuts
  • Voted for HR 1231: Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act
  • Voted for HR 1214: To repeal mandatory funding for school-based health center construction
  • Voted for HR 1213: To repeal mandatory funding provided to States in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Voted for HR 1473: Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011
  • Voted for HR 839: The HAMP Termination Act of 2011
  • Voted for HR 1076: To prohibit Federal funding of National Public Radio
  • Voted for HR 514: Extending provisions of the PATRIOT Act
  • Voted for HR 359: Terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions

Sponsored Legislation:

  • Cosponsored H.R.1343 : A bill to return unused or reclaimed funds made available for broadband awards in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to the Treasury of the United States.
  • Cosponsored H.R.1591 : Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act of 2011
  • Cosponsored H.R.1756 : National Oilheat Research Alliance Reauthorization Act of 2011
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Contact Information

DC Office:
2350 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5206

NH Offices:
114 North Main Street, Suite 202
Concord, NH 03301
32 Main St., Suite 110
Littleton, NH 03561
221 Main St., Suite 201
Nashua, NH 03060

Email: Click here

NH US House News

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July 29, 2015
NH1: Obama signs Shaheen-promoted bill to veteran businesses, loans
NHPR: In Nashua, Clinton Leaves Some Wanting More On Keystone Pipeline Stance
Seacoast Online: Hillary Clinton won't take a position on Keystone pipeline
Union Leader: Trump tells Union Leader: No endorsement, no show at Voters First forum
Union Leader: In one-on-one interview, Clinton talks issues, calls Planned Parenthood videos 'disturbing'
Union Leader: Hillary Clinton talks economy, energy, education at Nashua town hall meeting
Union Leader: During Keene visit, Christie tells Trump supporter he is a better match for the oval office
WMUR: Jeb Bush hosts first New Hampshire telephone town hall
WMUR: Clinton addresses wide range of issues, but won’t talk about Keystone pipeline
Concord Monitor: In Concord and Washington, an effort to defund Planned Parenthood
Concord Monitor: In N.H., a shift in Clinton’s conversation on gender
Conway Daily Sun: Kasich makes his case for presidency
Nashua Telegraph: Hillary Clinton makes her pitch at Nashua elementary school

July 28, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: Graham attacks Obama, Clinton during Derry visit
Keene Sentinel: O'Malley pushes progressive line with voters during visit to Keene
NH1: Armed NH volunteers still standing guard despite Pentagon's back-off request
NHPR: Meet Corey Lewandowski, the Granite Stater Running Donald Trump's Campaign
NHPR: Graham: It's All Riding on New Hampshire
NHPR: To Raise His Profile, Pataki Raises A Glass With Craft Beer Fans In New Hampshire
NHPR: Poll: Donald Trump Tops Among N.H. Republican Primary Voters
WMUR: Latest poll shows Ayotte leading Hassan
WMUR: Clinton to return to New Hampshire facing a checklist of key questions

July 27, 2015
Concord Monitor: O’Malley connects with St. Paul’s students on tech, says he’s the first candidate on Snapchat
Eagle-Tribune: Paul supporters "Stand with Rand" in Windham
NHPR: Paul Returns to N.H., Looking to Make Up Ground on Competitors
Union Leader: Rand Paul campaigns in Windham
WMUR: Look Ahead: Clinton, Christie, Graham in state this week
WMUR: O'Malley delivers commencement speech in Concord
WMUR: Sen. Rand Paul meets crowd at MaryAnn's Diner in Windham

July 26, 2015
WMUR: Graham stumps in the Granite State Saturday, reacts to Trump
WMUR: Rand Paul visits five New Hampshire counties
Concord Monitor: Paul: N.H. voters part of the ‘leave me alone’ coalition
Concord Monitor: For Walker, primary is about running a ‘steady race’

July 25, 2015
NHPR: Bush in N.H.'s North Country: "I'm the Tortoise in the Race"
NHPR: Santorum Makes First N.H. Visit Since Announcing 2016 Run
NHPR: Ron? Rand? At Least They Got the Last Name Right
Seacoast Online: Ayotte, Shaheen press Air Force on Pease well
Seacoast Online: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard receives Environmental Excellence Awards
Union Leader: Voters First: Paul brings candidate count to 14
Union Leader: Pentagon asks individuals not to guard military recruiting stations
WMUR: Rick Santorum makes second visit to NH
WMUR: WMUR poll: Granite Staters’ rating of Obama best in two years
Concord Monitor: At Concord town hall, Santorum focuses on national security, Iran
Nashua Telegraph: 44% of 1st district voters think Guinta should resign; 25% say stay put
NH1: Santorum tells NH1 he's not ignoring NH but won't spend 'as much time here' as in 2012

July 24, 2015
NHPR: Delegation Wants Longer Comment Period For Power Project
Union Leader: Bernie Sanders hires Julia Barnes as NH state director
WMUR: Trump unveils New Hampshire veterans coalition
WMUR: Bush visits North Country at end of NH trip
Concord Monitor: Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn’t want a popularity contest to trump the issues, limit debate

July 23, 2015
Nashua Telegraph: Northern Pass proposal could hurt NH tourism
NH1: New NH1 News Poll: 62 percent of NH voters say Trump is unelectable
NHBR: Shaheen urges long-term highway funding bill
NHPR: Ayotte Backs Bill To Streamline Federal Cybersecurity Efforts
NHPR: Jeb Bush Talks Entitlement Reform In Manchester
NHPR: After Late Entry to Race, Kasich Turns to Life Story to Connect With Voters
Seacoast Online: Kasich in Greenland says U.S. must destroy ISIS
WMUR: Jeb Bush speaks at Manchester town hall event
WMUR: WMUR poll: Voters sour on Guinta after campaign finance controversy article  
WMUR: WMUR poll: Ayotte holds small lead over Hassan in possible US Senate match-up
Concord Monitor: At event in Manchester, Jeb Bush focuses on reform
Concord Monitor: Hailing from Hopkinton, Senate intern works to connect Sen. Kelly Ayotte to her constituents
Concord Monitor: PolitiFact NH: Ayotte says deficit could pay for 40 gallons of New Hampshire maple syrup for everyone in the U.S.

July 22, 2015
Nashua Telegraph: Ohio's Kasich makes Nashua first stop after declaring his candidacy
NHPR: Kasich Hits Campaign Trail in New Hampshire, Claiming Record of "Fixing Things"
NHPR: Feds Release First Look At Environmental Impact Of Northern Pass
Seacoast Online: Shaheen pushes for treatment of Pease wells
Seacoast Online: Ohio Gov. Kasich campaign coming to Portsmouth Country Club
Union Leader: DOE review cites environmental benefits of burying Northern Pass line
WMUR: Report weighs environmental effects of Northern Pass
Concord Monitor: Northern Pass report says burial of transmission line to cost between $1.8 billion and $2.1 billion
Concord Monitor: Kasich makes first stop as a candidate in Nashua

July 21, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: 'Say 2016!' Sisters snag selfies with presidential hopefuls
Foster's Daily Democrat: City recouping costs for Clinton event
NH1: GOP's Rubio cancels NH visit due to illness
NHPR: Shaheen Backs Review Of Military Discharges For Gay And Lesbian Servicemembers
Union Leader: Donald Trump county co-chair irked by NHGOP chair's rebuke of Trump
Union Leader: NH's congressional delegation still concerned about pipeline review
WMUR: N.H. veterans react to Trump's comments about McCain's service record
WMUR: State Republican executive committee adopts resolution condemning Planned Parenthood
WMUR: No ‘political’ questions allowed at Guinta town hall

July 20, 2015
NHPR: Rubio's Two-Day Visit Kicks Off The New Hampshire Primary Week
NHPR: Frank Guinta To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Plaistow
Union Leader: Whistleblower: Guinta 'bought the election'
Union Leader: Voters First audience potentially bigger than Fox's
Union Leader: Presidential Candidate Mark Everson makes case to Cheshire GOP
Union Leader: Supporters in Congress plan to revive Export-Import Bank with highway bill
WMUR: Look Ahead: Many town hall meetings on tap for this week
WMUR: Granite State among states with surging Medicaid enrollment

July 19, 2015
WMUR:  Ayotte says Trump should apologize to her ‘friend’ McCain
WMUR: Hundreds rally for VA health care reform at Hopkinton State Fair
WMUR: State Republican leaders to consider call to condemn Planned Parenthood
Concord Monitor: Bernie Sanders: Can he turn ‘magic in a bottle’ into Democratic win?
Eagle-Tribune: Kuster: Education, child care, transportation should be priorities
Foster's Daily Democrat: N.H.presidential towns largely ignored in campaign
Seacoast Online: 'Birthplace of the Republican Party' proving ground for GOP candidates
Union Leader: Clinton campaign hears gunshots and screams
Union Leader: Christie gets endorsements

July 18, 2015
Union Leader: Add Rubio, NH1 News to Voters First Forum
WMUR: Commitment 2016 Conversation with the Candidate: Scott Walker
WMUR: Hillary Clinton campaign reserves $4.1 million in airtime in New Hampshire
Concord Monitor: PoliticalMonitor podcast: Hillary Clinton gets personal while GOP candidates scramble for support
Eagle-Tribune: Trump puts premium on NH staff, events
NH1: Clinton makes first major ad buy in 2016 bid
NH1: Clinton's volunteers won't talk during NH stop: 'Just here to hold signs and cheer'
NH1: Shaheen, Ayotte applaud passage of education bill
NHPR: Clinton Brings Economic Message to Dover
NHPR: Walker Returns To N.H. Campaign Trail, Greeted by Eager Crowds
NHPR: Trump's Brashness is All Part of the Appeal for N.H. Supporters
Seacoast Online: Shaheen pushing for long-term transportation bill

July 17, 2015
Seacoast Online: Clinton parries protesters at Dover event
Seacoast Online: Guinta's fundraising drops after campaign financing troubles
Union Leader: Clinton hosts first NH town hall meeting
Union Leader: Christie in NH slams Obama for negotiating deal with Iran
Union Leader: Guinta finance filing reports only 16 non-PAC donations
Union Leader: Trump campaigns in Laconia
Union Leader: Walker highlights Wisconsin record in NH visit
WMUR: Hillary Clinton makes 2 campaign stops in NH
WMUR: Donald Trump campaigns in New Hampshire
WMUR: Updated: Walker says competing campaigns are spinning that he’s downplaying NH
WMUR: Guinta's fundraising plunged as campaign finance troubles emerged
Concord Monitor: Trump continues straightforward campaigning in front of overflow Laconia crowd
Concord Monitor: Clinton’s first town hall peppered with unscripted moments
Concord Monitor: Christie takes questions at Franklin town hall meeting
Concord Monitor: Scott Walker calls Clinton a ‘candidate of the past,’ sidesteps question about Trump
Eagle-Tribune: Hillary Clinton visits home in Windham
Nashua Telegraph: Walker looks to build momentum in for early primary victory
NH1: Trump tells NH1 News he'll spend 'whatever I have to' to win WH
NH1: Walker tells NH1 News he's the only candidate who's 'fought and won'
NH1: Lindsey Graham's 'Second NH Home' strategy: Can it work in 2016?
NHPR: Guinta's Fundraising Takes Dive Since Legal Troubles
NHPR: In N.H., 2016 Candidates Face Voters Long Frustrated With Money in Politics

July 16, 2015
Union Leader: Video sets off abortion firestorm for Planned Parenthood prior to it seeking state funding
Union Leader: Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: Graham warns the nation's first primary is in peril
Union Leader: Two more in for Voters First Forum; here's how you can have a topic addressed by candidates
WMUR: Candidates flock to Granite State Thursday
WMUR: Ayotte campaign has $4 million on hand after raising $1.5 million in second quarter
Concord Monitor: PolitiFact NH: Hillary Clinton says she’s engaged local media ‘all along’
Eagle-Tribune: Hillary Clinton to visit Windham
NH1: Graham tells NH1 News natl. polling 'is no substitute for the NH voter'
NH1: Kuster going for third term in US House, not a US Senate bid
NH1: Planned Parenthood, GOP candidates react after anti-abortion group's viral video

July 15, 2015
NH1: Federal restrictions could cost commercial NH fishermen big money
NH1: Graham back to NH to help Granite State preserve political balance
NH1: Dan Innis takes first step to seeking 2016 GOP rematch with Rep. Frank Guinta
NH1: NHGOP going up with new 2016 presidential primary website
NHPR: Shaheen: We Should Examine Iran Nuclear Deal Closely, Not Be Misled By 'Red Herrings'
NHPR: Senators Ayotte and Shaheen React to Iran Nuclear Deal
Seacoast Online: Dan Innis moves toward primary rematch with Guinta
Seacoast Online: New tankers on schedule to arrive at Pease in 2017
Union Leader: Outfoxed: Voters Forum to be first for GOP
Union Leader: NH congressional members weigh in on Iran nuclear deal
WMUR: Ayotte, Guinta skeptical, Shaheen, Kuster cautious about Obama’s Iran deal
Concord Monitor: Graham, Walker, Christie, Trump, Clinton headed for N.H. this week

July 14, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Ohio Gov. Kasich makes Barrington stop
NH1: Kasich tells NH1 he has to be a little bit more careful
NHPR: What We Know About Marco Rubio’s New Hampshire Ad Buy
NHPR: Two Months After FEC Revelations, A (Mostly) Quiet Town Hall For Frank Guinta
NHPR: On The Political Front: 2016 Senate Race Looms Over State Budget Battle
Seacoast Online: Air Force seeks meeting with EPA over Pease order
Union Leader: The GOP's field of 15 (so far)
Union Leader: Innis resigns as GOP finance chair, eyes run for Congress
WMUR: Innis resigns as state GOP finance chair, files papers for congressional candidacy
WMUR: Sheriff Scott Hilliard latest key Republican to endorse Chris Christie
WMUR: Dueling polls: Newly-released GOP survey has Ayotte leading Hassan
Concord Monitor: A week before expected presidential announcement, John Kasich holds town hall in N.H.

July 13, 2015
Concord Monitor: In N.H., Graham speaks highly of visit to town dump
Foster's Daily Democrat: Budget stalemate puts Hassan's Senate decision on hold
Keene Sentinel: Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina seeks to disrupt status quo; visits region Saturday
NHPR: Lindsey Graham: U.S. Should Reject A 'Nightmare' Iran Deal
Seacoast Online: Kasich looks to stand out in presidential field
WMUR: Look Ahead: Kasich, Walker, Trump in New Hampshire this week
Citizen of Laconia: Guinta dodges questions on finance scandal in Alton

July 12, 2015
WMUR: Guinta holds event after illegal campaign funds backlash
Concord Monitor: Ray Duckler: The Donald: real contender or merely a pretender?
Concord Monitor: Frank Guinta did not address FEC violations in his first town hall since findings were released
Concord Monitor: Wendelboe: Republicans offer a more diverse field
Eagle-Tribune: Campaign Notebook: O'Malley fan of old firehouses
Eagle-Tribune: Guinta hosts 1st town hall since scandal
Eagle-Tribune: Can independent Sanders get on NH Democratic primary ballot?
Nashua Telegraph: Fiorina: Fighting heroin crisis is a national priority
NH1: Guinta holds first town hall since financial scandal
Seacoast Online: U.S. spending, debt on ‘unsustainable course’
Union Leader: Guinta, in Alton, gets no questions on campaign finance troubles

July 11, 2015
Union Leader: Ayotte tours TRM Microwave, discusses manufacturing legislation
WMUR: Commitment 2016 Conversation with the Candidate: Martin O'Malley
WMUR: Graham says he's pleased SC removed Confederate flag
Concord Monitor: PresidentialSelfieGirls: N.H. teens campaign for presidential photo ops
Concord Monitor: PoliticalMonitor podcast: Primary candidates, the Trump factor and substance abuse
NH1: Guinta tells NH1 News 'nothing has changed' on re-election bid
NH1: NH Dems claim Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, meddled in state budget battle to damage Gov. Maggie Hassan
NHPR: Billionaire Clean Energy Advocate Visits N.H., Doesn't Reveal 2016 Picks

July 10, 2015
NHPR: Campaign Finance Reformers Find Voice on 2016 Trail
NHPR: In N.H., GOP Primary Candidates Mostly Mum on Same-Sex Marriage
NHPR: Four Things You Should Know About Money in Politics
NHPR: Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Money in Politics
NHPR: Sen. Shaheen Calls for Harriet Tubman on $10 Bill
Seacoast Online: EPA orders Air Force to treat contaminated wells at Pease
WMUR: Buckley charge of Ayotte meddling in state budget generates strong reaction
WMUR: Poll for pro-Democratic PAC shows Hassan with small lead over Ayotte
WMUR: Kuster raises more than $400,000 in second quarter
Citizen of Laconia: Candidate Dr. Ben Carson visits Ashland American Legion
Concord Monitor: While husband campaigns, Columba Bush meets with domestic violence prevention advocates  
Eagle-Tribune: Chamber forum spotlights Martin O'Malley
Nashua Telegraph: NH delegation push State Dept on man’s death
Nashua Telegraph: O’Malley talks with students about debt-free college
NH1: Paul Hodes jazzed about new radio gig; less excited about possible 2016 run
NH1: O'Malley takes on Clinton and Sanders

July 9, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: Fiorina criticizes lack of leadership in Washington at Tuscan Market
Union Leader: Carly, Carson woo party faithful at NH stops
Union Leader: Jeb Bush: 'We've got to start solving problems'
Union Leader: Sen. Ayotte renews call to strengthen border security
Union Leader: Committee for Ohio Gov. Kasich launches ad buy in New Hampshire
Seacoast Online: Jeb Bush campaigns at Dover bakery
Seacoast Online: Chafee: U.S. must take time to understand Islamic State militants
Seacoast Online: Ayotte taking part in national forum on family caregiving
Seacoast Online: In N.H., O'Malley lays out plan for debt-free college
Seacoast Online: Sanders trying to make the most of his booming 2016 crowds
Foster's Daily Democrat: Democrat O'Connor looks to unseat Guinta as U.S. Rep. in 2016
NHPR: Shaheen Part Of Delegation Heading To Bosnia-Herzegovina
NH1: O'Malley says nation needs tougher oversight of Wall Street
NH1: Steinhauser: O'Malley tells NH1 college affordability 'a huge issue'; pushes back against Bush comments
NH1: Bush: End sanctuary cities for immigrants in US illegally
NH1: Steinhauser: Bush makes unannounced stop in New Hampshire
NH1: Sen. Ayotte takes part in caregiving forum
WMUR: New Hampshire Primary Source: Trump to unveil ‘women’s coalition,’ to return next week
WMUR: Jeb Bush speaks at events in Hudson, Dover
WMUR: O'Malley unveils college education plan at St. Anselm's College
Concord Monitor: O’Malley hopes to find sweet spot in Democratic primary
Concord Monitor: Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore plans to run for president
Concord Monitor: Carson stresses ditching political correctness while meeting with voters in Concord
Concord Monitor: Fiorina: Fellow citizens, please take out your smartphones
Valley News: Sen. Sanders Among Least Wealthy

July 8, 2015
Nashua Telegraph: Bush to host campaign event at Hudson VFW
WMUR: Guinta launches email account, phone number to boost constituent feedback
WMUR: Candidate Ben Carson headlines Politics and Eggs event
Concord Monitor: Carson talks illegal immigration, political correctness at Politics and Eggs in Bedford
NHPR: In N.H., Carson Says He Will "Tone Down Rhetoric"
NHPR: Donor Bets $500,000 on Ayotte's Environmental Record
NHPR: National Democrats Urge Hassan to Jump into Senate Race
NHPR: O'Malley Denounces Super PACs As One Supporting Him Goes After Sanders
NHPR: Rep. Kuster Calls For Long-Term Transportation Bill
NH1: First on NH1 News: O'Malley to propose making college debt free
NH1: Carson tells NH1 News 'All I have to do is tell the truth'
NH1: Clinton jabs Republican field on immigration policy
NH1: NH Rep. Annie Kuster pushes Congress for long-term transportation funding
Union Leader: Jindal: No break for Puerto Rico in debt crisis
Union Leader: GOP's Fiorina takes jab at Clinton in campaign stop
Union Leader: Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley stumps on eliminating public college student debt
Union Leader: Gov. Scott Walker to visit Manchester, Portsmouth
Foster's Daily Democrat: Presidential candidate Carson says radical Islam among biggest threats
Seacoast Online: Fiorina slams Hillary Clinton, Obamacare, progressives
Seacoast Online: Carson: U.S. must 'destroy' Islamic State
Valley News: Kuster Advocates Highway Bill
Conway Daily Sun: Conway Daily Sun's 8 minutes with Hillary

July 7, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Fiorina: Clinton not trustworthy
Foster's Daily Democrat: Republican presidential candidate Jindal visits Rochester
Concord Monitor: In New Hampshire, Pataki challenges Trump to immigration debate
Concord Monitor: Guinta to hold first town hall since FEC violations surfaced
Keene Sentinel: Jindal set to visit Concord, Manchester as part of multi-day trip to state
Eagle-Tribune: Pataki stumps for support in Londonderry
WMUR: Dr. Ben Carson and his wife celebrate 40th wedding anniversary in N.H.
WMUR: Jindal in Manchester: ‘I’m tired of hyphenated Americans’
WMUR: Pataki challenges Trump to ‘mano a mano’ immigration debate
WMUR: Trump's comments force conversation on immigration
Seacoast Online: Jindal touts his track record
Conway Daily Sun: Clinton opens up in Glen and ropes in reporters in Gorham
Union Leader: Union Leader to interview Jindal live online Tuesday
Union Leader: Trump takes on Mexican government in latest comments on immigrants
NH1: First on NH1 News: Fiorina says Trump 'does not represent me and he does not represent my party'
NH1: Steinhauser: Pataki tells NH1 News people holding positions like Trump on Mexicans 'should not be president'
NH1: As Republican infighting grows, donors call for calm
NH1: Dr. Ben Carson to NH1 Radio: 'I don't care even if I only have 1 term'
NH1: First on NH1 News: Guinta to hold town hall Saturday; first since contributions scandal
NHPR: GOP Field Calls Out Trump For Immigration Remarks

July 6, 2015
Concord Monitor: Christie, now a candidate, looks to close the book on Bridgegate
Concord Monitor: Ayotte facing a whole new political ballgame
WMUR: Pataki, Jindal address Trump's comments at New Hampshire picnic
WMUR: Look Ahead: Fiorina, Jindal, Carson, O’Malley head to NH this week
Union Leader: Clinton corrals press while walking Gorham parade route
Union Leader: Primary candidates, supporters work the crowd at Amherst parade
Union Leader: GOP field divided on Trump's comments about immigrants
Union Leader: Christie criticizes high court's gay marriage ruling
Union Leader: Cruz presidential campaign says supporters donated $51m
Union Leader: Wolfeboro finds Christie, Rubio at back of town's July 4 parade
Union Leader: Hillary extols her husband's record at Dartmouth, blames Bush for poor economy, mum on Sanders surge

July 5, 2015
Union Leader: Paul: 'I believe in a robust national defense'
Union Leader: Clinton hears cheers and jeers
WMUR: CloseUP: Donald Trump defends Mexico comments, discusses poll numbers
WMUR: CloseUP: Bernie Sanders reacts to favorable poll numbers-
NH1: Rubio, Christie celebrate Independence Day in NH parade
NH1: Clinton: Hopeful US can reach 'verifiable deal' with Iran
NH1: Presidential candidates campaign in July Fourth parades
NH1: Steinhauser: Bush tells NH1 he wants 'to learn' from Romney

July 4, 2015
Valley News: Clinton Recalls Time at Dartmouth
Seacoast Online: Clinton says she takes a 'backseat to no one' among liberals
WMUR: GOP candidates spend holiday in NH
Union Leader: Hillary extols her husband's record at Dartmouth, blames Bush for poor economy, mum on Sanders surge
Union Leader: Asked about Bernie at NH ice cream shop, Hillary says organization wins campaigns
NH1: Clinton-Sanders battle divides a marriage
NH1: Graham warns of terrorist attack 'its just a matter of time before we get hit hard'
NH1: First on NH1 News: O'Malley's very busy return to NH

July 3, 2015
Valley News: Clinton changes location for Hanover rally
Citizen of Laconia: Christie courts NH voters
NH1: First on NH1 News: Sanders New Hampshire HQ opens its doors
NH1: Jim Webb, Iraq war critic in Senate, running for president
NH1: First on NH1 News: Ayotte reveals re-election run playlist
NH1: First on NH1 News: O'Malley's very busy return to NH
WMUR: Campaign frenzy to hit New Hampshire on long Independence Day weekend
WMUR: Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb to run for president
Union Leader: Christie wins key early endorsements
Keene Sentinel: Christie campaigns in the region
Conway Daily Sun: A new look Clinton campaign coming to town
NHPR: Chris Christie uses personality to warm up to N.H. voters
NHPR: Shaheen calls for benefits for troops exposed to mustard gas
NHPR: Map: Where you can see 2016 candidates this holiday weekend
NHPR: On July 4th, campaign trail follows the parade route
Seacoast Online: Ayotte promotes bipartisanship in U.S. Senate re-election bid
Seacoast Online: Christie: 2016 election is very winnable
Concord Monitor: July Fourth in New Hampshire: Expect pies, parades and plenty of presidential candidates
Foster's Daily Democrat: Christie tells Rochester crowd he'll cut entitlements

July 2, 2015
NHPR: Ayotte speaks out on early re-election bid, SCOTUS decisions, and her 'rising star' status
Union Leader: Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: Christie puts NH visit on pause to visit Maine's governor
WMUR: In return to NH, Christie vows to be direct with voters

July 1, 2015
NH1: Ayotte highlights bipartisan record; pushes back against Democratic attacks
NH1: 4th of July bringing slew of candidates to NH - where will your favorite be?
NHPR: By announcing campaign bid early, is Ayotte trying to force Hassan's hand?
NHPR: Chris Christie kicks off presidential campaign in Sandown
Union Leader: Ayotte officially kicks off re-election campaign with Manchester rally
Union Leader: Kuster: Rebrand manufacturing as high tech, lucrative, growing
WMUR: Trump, Christie campaign in NH
WMUR: Kelly Ayotte officially launches re-election campaign
Concord Monitor: Kelly Ayotte officially launches re-election bid for Senate
Concord Monitor: Hours after announcing presidential run, Chris Christie answers questions from crowd in Sandown
Eagle-Tribune: Christie makes Sandown first stop of campaign
Nashua Telegraph: Ayotte joins Greater Nashua leaders to discuss challenges of opioid addiction

June 30, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: State's Medicaid billing system receives initial OK
NHPR: Kelly Ayotte officially kicking off her re-election campaign
NHPR: Despite SCOTUS ruling, power plant pollution upgrade to continue
Union Leader: Guinta makes a pitch for funds
Union Leader: Political ad attacks emerge in Senate campaigns
Union Leader: Supreme Court's EPA ruling has little impact on NH
Union Leader: Christie eyes NH as presidential springboard
WMUR: Ayotte promotes ‘common sense,’ bipartisanship in campaign launch video
WMUR: Despite controversy, Guinta poised to run again
Citizen of Laconia: Sanders fires up Laconia supporters at town hall meeting

Campaign Finances

2012 Campaign

Raised $2,066,088
Spent $2,072,141
Cash on Hand $25,623
End Date Dec. 31, 2012


Individual Contributions 
$748,381 (37%)
PAC Contributions $1,270,365 (61%)
Candidate self-financing $0 (0%)
Other $47,072 (2%)

Source: Center for Responsive Politics,

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