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Ovide Lamontagne (R)

Experience: 2010 US Senate candidate, lawyer
Residence: Manchester
Family: Married, 2 children
Education: Catholic University of America; JD, University of Wyoming College of Law
Official Website:

It can be said that Lamontagne started running for governor almost immediately after he lost the close-call primary election for U.S. Senator against Kelly Ayotte in 2010. His political performance was so strong there was instant talk of a next logical step: Run for governor whether or not Democrat John Lynch ran for re-election.

With Lynch out, Lamontagne automatically becomes the very early favorite, given his exposure and his conservative credentials. He established his Granite Oath political action committee, which morphed into his gubernatorial campaign.The Manchester lawyer, for one, was a go-to guy for Republican presidential hopefuls to visit as part of their campaigning in the first-in-the-nation primary. A nod from Lamontagne was thought to carry statewide influence. As of mid-December, Lamontagne has not made an endorsement in the GOP contest.

A fall 2011 WMUR Granite State Poll shows that, among the likely candidates for governor, that Lamontagne is the best known. But the recognition was relative: 48 percent in the poll said they don't know enough about him to form an opinion.

He was enough of a know quantity, however, to handily take the Republican primary on Sept. 11, beating conservative activist Kevin Smith, 68 percent to 30 percent.

Lamontagne's win pit him against Democratic winner Maggie Hassan, a former Senate majority leader from Exeter.

He sounded familiar GOP themes during his acceptance speech,saying he would hold the line on taxes, back right-to-work legislation and seek to undo the federal health care law provisions as they apply to the state.

Position on the Issues
Economy, Budget, & Taxes:

Lamontagne has taken the so-called "Pledge" against any broad-based sales and income taxes and will oppose any increases in taxes. He said "there will never be an LLC tax passed on my watch."

He said he will order a comprehensive review of our business taxes to streamline and reduce the overall tax burden imposed on job creators.

In terms of his legislative philosophy, including as it relates to the state budget, he said on his web site he will adopt zero-based budgeting, support biennial sessions, a line-item veto, pension reform and voter ID. He also said he will either sign or veto any legislation that reaches his desk; he won't let legislation become law without his involvement or action of some kind.

Civil Issues:

Supports 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms
Opposes the death penalty
Opposes privatization of state prisons

Health Care:

He opposes President Obama's health care legislation which he believes will increase health care costs, harm small business, and decrease the quality and availability of care.

He supports the action several states' attorneys general took against the health care law, elements of which are now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition, he said he will seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare to deregulate health care, while working for free-market reforms to bring competition to our health care delivery system and insurance markets and ensure high-quality, lower-cost care and coverage for all.


Although Lamontagne supports Arizona's new immigration law, he maintains that it is the federal government's responsibility to address the issue. He pledged to secure borders, enforce laws against employers who hire illegal aliens, and prevent amnesty for illegal aliens.


He promotes what he calls a "Learn to Earn" program to keep our youth in state and ensure they have good jobs. He also advocates for meaningful school choice, and will work to enact a constitutional amendment on education funding to restore local control over public schools.

Economic Development:

Lamontagne wants what he calls a comprehensive economic development plan with special attention to manufacturing. He also wants a 10-year highway plan that should be aligned with the state's most critical economic development infrastructure needs.

He said he willl personally work to recruit manufacturing businesses to New Hampshire and, if elected, will sign right-to-work legislation, which, he said, "will make our state a job magnet in the Northeast."

Expanded Gaming:

Opposed to expanded gaming as an authentic or legitimate revenue stream to support expanded government. Lamontagne is open to a limited proposal that would involve one location in New Hampshire. Lamontagne would like a cost benefit analysis to accompany any proposal and wants the community involved to also support the measure. Believes that any casino revenues should go only to lowering taxes or paying for current programs, not for any new state spending.

"Republican Ovide Lamontagne said in a statement he is 'personally opposed to expanded gaming.' However, he would be open to legislation authorizing a single casino at Rockingham Park, which he views as a key economic development opportunity for southern New Hampshire." - Eagle Tribune, July 9


Supports an employee's right to choose whether he/she will be part of a union. Believes believes the legislation will force unions to be accountable to workers and prove the benefits of membership.

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Lamontagne on expanded gambling while visiting the Salem Republicans on May 3, 2012

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Campaign Finances

2012 Campaign

Balance $179,375.50
Report Date
Oct. 31, 2012

Source: NH Secretary of State

Contact Information

PO Box 1007
Manchester, NH 03105
Phone: 603-668-2012

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