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Dick Anagnost Jessica Hulseman
Jim Andrus Sally Humer
Charles Arlinghaus Gary Ippolito
Gary Bahre Joseph Jean
Robert Bahre John Kacavas
Thomas Baker Carrie Kane
Steve Barba Gloria Kent
Bill Bartlet Daphne Kenyon
Charles Bass Bruce Keough
Carolyn Benthien Arthur & Marilyn Klemm
Paul Beswick Michael Krak
Rock & Celeste Bisson Doug Kruse
Ron & Allison Bolt Mark Laliberte
Steven Borne Peter Lamb
John Bottomley Ovide Lamontagne
Nina Bottomley Joanne Lamprey
Ronald Bourgeault Shari Landry
John Bouzaun Margaret Laughlen 
Joanna Brode Tom Laughlen
Bill Brogden Marc Lehoullier
Dave Brownell Kirk B. Leoni
Debby Butler Norma Lesser
John Byrne Mariv Lesser
Edwin N. CadyAlan Lewis
Bill Cahill
Harriet Lewis
Brian P. Carolan
Sean Mahoney
Alfred Casassa
Bob Mallat
Byron O. Champlin
Rick Maloney
Eric Chinburg
Lexi Manus
Jen Chinburg
Henry (Chip) Maxfield
Ginny Chrisenton
Tina Maxfield
Jack Clarke
Russell May
George Cleveland
Russell McCann
Chris Clifford
Marcy McCann
Jim Clifford
Karen McCloskey
Michael Cohen
Mary McGowan
Phil Cohen
Paul McInnis
Mike Conaboy
Catherine McLaughlin-Hills
Jim Connor
Paul Meister
Bob Copeland
Steve Merrill
James Craiglow
Karol Mosefski
Fergus Cullen
Brigid Murray
Mike Dahlinghaus
Peter Nelson
Andrew Daley
Chris Norwood
Ami D'Amelio
Kristen Gunn O'Connor
Duffy Daugherty
John Pernokas
Sharon Daugherty
Honorable Walter Peterson*
Craig Davis
Raymond Pinard
Jared DeLuca
Nate Polselli
David Dewitt
Bob Preston, Sr
David Dietz Tom Rea
Stephen Dietz
Ronald Rioux
John DiStaso
Norm Ritter
Frank Dobisky
Peter Robart
Grace Duke
Claude Roessiger
Maria Dumke
Brady Sadler
Ralph Dumke
Doug Scamman
Ed Dupont
Stella Scamman
Susan Duprey
Lydia Scott
Ryana Dykes
David Scott
Tom Elliot
Fred Seigel
Stephen Erickson
Paulette Semprini
Mark Ericson
Wayne Semprini
Andy Evans
Ron Severino
Jim Farrelly
Stephany Shaheen
Dana Filip
Roy Shoults, Sr.
Rob Finlay
Michael Simchik
Ryan FitzSimons
Andy Smith
Lud Flower
Gregory Sorg
Jessica Fredette
John Stabile
Matt Friel
Mica Stark
Ted Gatsas
William Stearns
Gary Ghigliotti
Maureen Sullivan
Anthony Hale
Jim Sullivan
Dana Hamel
John Sununu
Karol Hamel
Travis Taylor
Kimberly Hamel
Jim Teetzel
Robert Harding
Jack Terrill
Dale Harrington
James Therrien
Michael Hartnett
Tom Thomson
Jack Heath
Dave Tooley
Brett Hersom
Billie Tooley
David Hills
Jack Tulley
Gary Hirshberg
Brenda Tulley
Alan Holmes
Susan Turner
Chet Homer
Mike Vlacich
Brett Houle
Mary Beth Walz
Mark Huddleston
Oliver Ward
Dan Hughes
Ben Young



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