Here you will find out more about our process for developing issues.

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Issue Development

How an issue is developed

Once several members have suggested an issue it enters the Issue Process.

  • The LFDA will develop a page for the topic and if the interest in the issue grows, or we see that it will soon become a major issue, we will reach out to find a knowledgeable issue editor, or editors, and begin the issue development process.
  • The issue editors, together with our LFDA editor, will write the “Issue Facts” section about the issue and reach out to other knowledgeable people to write the Pros and Cons sections. The issue will then be published and all members will have the ability to comment on the Issue Page by clicking on the "Add a Post" button in the Member Posts box.
  • Like all Member Posts, posts related to a specific issue must first be approved by a LFDA moderator to be sure the post contains no profanity, attacks on other LFDA members or potential libel. The LFDA never inhibits any commentary based on the ideology expressed by the author, however.
  • Substantive comments received by members will be used to improve the Summary and Facts section or will be added to the Issue Pros and Cons in the discretion of the issue editors.  On some occasions the LFDA editors will gather and report on the comments and send them to the legislators or committees residing over the issue at hand. Related commentary might also appear on the LFDA's Facebook page.
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