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 The mission of the nonpartisan, nonprofit
 Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA)
is to serve
 New Hampshire citizens by providing objective
 information about issues and  candidates; promoting
 the civil exchange of opinions in  a variety of forums,
 online and in person; and connecting citizens with their
 elected officials.

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What does it mean to be a member?

Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Members are individuals who share the goals of the LFDA, support its principles, and have provided contact information to the LFDA. Members who register through the website also have posting privileges on the LFDA website.

How can people join?

Most members join through our website, here. If you do not have an e-mail address or do not want to join through our website, contact us by snail mail or phone.

Are there dues? How much does it cost to join?

It costs nothing to join, but the LFDA relies on donations to carry on its mission. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. If you would like to make a donation, click here. Our donate page also has information about our donors.

Who are our members?

Click here to see a list of every member who has signed up through our website. Below is a list of other members who did not have an e-mail address and/or did not wish to sign up through the website:

Dick Anagnost
Jim Adrus
Charles Arlinghaus
Gary Bahre
Robert Bahre
Thomas Baker
Steve Barba
Bill Bartlett
Charles Bass
Meg Battersby
Carolyn Benthien
JD Bernardy
Paul Beswick
Celeste Bisson
Rock Bisson
Allison Bolt
Ron Bolt
Steven Borne
John Bottomley
Nina Bottomley
Ronald Bourgeault
John Bouzaun
John Brescia
Joanna Brode
Bill Brogden
Dave Brownell
Matthew Burton
Debby Butler
John Byrne
Edwin N. Cady
Bill Cahill
Brian P. Carolan
Alfred Casassa
Byron O. Champlin
Eric Chinburg
Jen Chinburg
Ginny Chrisenton
Jack Clarke
George Cleveland
Chris Clifford
Jim Clifford
Leonita Cluley
Michael Cohen
Phil Cohen
Mike Conaboy
Jim Connor
Bradley Cook
Bob Copeland

James Craiglow
Fergus Cullen
Mike Dahlinghaus
Andrew Daley
Ami D'Amelio
Duffy Daugherty
Sharon Daugherty
Craig Davis
Will Dean
Jared DeLuca
David Dewitt
David Dietz
Stephen Dietz
John DiStaso
Frank Dobisky
Matt Dronan
Grace Duke
Maria Dumke
Ralph Dumke
Ed Dupont
Susan Duprey
Ryana Dykes
Tom Elliot
Stephen Erickson
Mark Ericson
Dave Essensa
Andy Evans
Jim Farrelly
Dana Filip
Rob Finlay
Ryan FitzSimons
Eileen Flockhart
Lud Flower
Jessica Fredette
Matt Friel
Ted Gatsas
Gary Ghigliotti
Doug Graham
Dana Hamel
Karol Hamel
Kimberly Hamel
Robert Harding
Dale Harrington
Michael Hartnett
Jack Heath
Brett Hersom
David Hills
Gary Hirshberg
Alan Holmes

Chet Homer
Brett Houle
Mark Huddleston
Dan Hughes
Jessica Hulseman
Sally Humer
Gary Ippolito
Joseph Jean
John Kacavas
Carrie Kane
Joe Kenick Jr.
Gloria Kent
Daphne Kenyon
Bruce Keough
Arthur Klemm
Marilyn Klemm
Michael Krak
Doug Kruse
Mark Laliberte
Peter Lamb
Ovide Lamontagne
Joanne Lamprey
Shari Landry
Margaret Laughlen
Tom Laughlen
Marc Lehoullier
Kirk B. Leoni
Norma Lesser
Mariv Lesser
Alan Lewis
Harriet Lewis
Sean Mahoney
Bob Mallat
Rick Maloney
Lexi Manus
Henry (Chip) Maxfield
Tina Maxfield
Russell May
Marcy McCann
Russell McCann
Karen McCloskey
Mary McGowan
Paul McInnis
Paul Meister
Steve Merrill
Karol Mosefski
Tim Lee Mullins
Brigid Murray
Peter Nelson

Chris Norwood
Kristen Gunn O'Connor
Stacie Paradis
John Pernokas
Hon. Walter Peterson*
Raymond Pinard
Nate Polselli
Bob Preston, Sr.
Tom Rea
Ronald Rioux
Norm Ritter
Peter Robart
Claude Roessiger
Brady Sadler
Doug Scamman
Stella Scamman
Lydia Scott
David Scott
Fred Seigel
Paulette & Wayne Semprini
Ron Severino
Stephany Shaheen
Phil Sherwood
Roy Shoults, Sr.
Rebecca Silfies
Michael Simchik
Andy Smith
Gregory Sorg
John Stabile
Mica Stark
William Stearns
Maureen Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
John Sununu
Travis Taylor
Jim Teetzel
Jack Terrill
James Therrien
Tom Thomson
Dave Tooley
Billie Tooley
Sam Tucci
Jack Tulley
Brenda Tulley
Susan Turner
John Valyo
Mike Vlacich
Mary Beth Walz
Oliver Ward
Fran Wriedt
Ben Young*


Who are your Founding Members?

The Founding Members are some of the individuals from around the state who helped to structure and support the LFDA. The Founding Members hail from all regions of NH and represent all political parties. The table below shows a list of the LFDA Founding Members:

Name Region Affiliation
Charlie Arlinghaus Merrimack Valley The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy
Tom & Virginia Chrisenton Monadnock Soil Conservation Service (retired)
Andy Crews Merrimack Valley AutoFair Manchester
Lew Feldstein Merrimack Valley NH Charitable Foundation
Gary Hirshberg Merrimack Valley Stonyfield Farms
Paul & Anna Grace Holloway Seacoast Holloway Automotive
Bruce Keough Monadnock Wheelabrator Technologies (retired)
Art Klemm Southern Former NH Senator
Michael Krak Mountains Krak Inspection Services (retired)
Bob Mallat Monadnock Former mayor of Keene
Russ & Marcy McCann Seacoast Actio Corporation
Paul & Sandra Montrone Lakes Latona Associates
Walter Peterson* Monadnock Former NH Governor
Bob Preston, Sr. Seacoast Preston Real Estate
Rick Samson North Woods NH Army National Guard (retired)
Fred & Donna Seigel Seacoast Beacon Capital Partners
Ron & Tom Severino Merrimack Valley Severino Paving Company
Donna Sytek Merrimack Valley Former Speaker of NH House of Rep.
Tom Thomson Sunapee Thomson Family Tree Farm
Mark Thurston Lakes Thurston Marina
Tom Tillotson North Woods Healthco
Jack & Brenda Tulley Merrimack Valley Tulley Buick-Pontiac
Michael Whitney Merrimack Valley Former President of Bank of America NH
Bob & Linda Winmill Merrimack Valley Winmill Equipment Co



Who are your Honorary Members?

The Live Free or Die Alliance periodically recognizes individuals who have reached the pinnacle of citizenship through service to their New Hampshire neighbors and engagement with their communities and fellow citizens both within the state and beyond. These are our Honorary Members.

The Honorable William Treat (1918-2010)

Local judge, community banker and international diplomat Judge William Wardwell Treat of Stratham was renowned equally for his promotion of international human rights as for his reformation of probate law and court systems throughout New Hampshire and eventually the nation.

The Honorable Walter Peterson (1922-2011)

Peterborough Budget Committee member, Navy veteran, educator and two-term governor of New Hampshire, Walter Rutherford Peterson, Jr., for more than a half-century served Granite Staters as a fiscal hawk and champion of education as a key to local students’ success.

Lewis Feldstein

Civil-rights worker, public servant, educator and retired New Hampshire Charitable Foundation President and CEO Lew Feldstein was a lifelong advocate for civic engagement. For nearly a quarter century, he helped to redefine philanthropy in northern New England, providing the financial springboard for countless charitable nonprofits to flourish across the state.




While membership is free, donations are essential to our survival. We accept any donations, $1 and up. The Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) is a 501(c)(3), and your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Click here to donate.





The success of the LFDA depends on the strength and participation of its volunteers. Help make a difference in your state and local community by sharing your valuable time with the LFDA. Opportunities exist in a wide variety of time commitments and project paces. Click here to volunteer.



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