New Hampshire's House of Representatives consists of 400 members. It is the largest state legislative body in the U.S. Representatives are paid $100 per year.

Amos R. Townsend
Party/District:  R - Strafford County District 7
Experience:  Oyster River School Board, Lee Town Advisory Budget Committee
Residence:  Lee
Family: Married, 8 Children
Education: BS UNH, MS Columbia U., MD Dartmouth Med. Sch. & Penn. Med. Sch.


The LFDA sent the following questions to all candidates running for state Senate, House of Representatives and Governor.

Which of the following sources of revenue should be pursued by the state?

Any increase in the I-93 tax should be only IF absolutely necessary well publicised. With the economy now in trouble, efforts should be made to keep and increase as minimal as possible so as to have least impact on especially NH families and smaller businesses. I fear that an increase in gambling within NH will only impact on NH families at a time when US families in general are struggling for stability, both financial and social.

Adopt a cap on property taxes?

Reform retirement benefits for municipal & state employees? YES

Repeal the gay marriage law? YES

Have mandatory automobile insurance? YES

Have a mandatory seat belt law for adults? NO

Adopt a mandatory helmet law for motorcycle riders? YES

Decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for adults? YES

This depends on what is defined as 'small amounts'.

Legalize medicinal marijuana? NO

As a retired MD, I know of no medical or 'health' problem that truly 'needs' marijuana for its treatment. Our struggles with alcohol use by drivers and addicted family members is destructive to the NH family as it is to many families around the globe. "Medicinal marijuana" will only add to those tragic problems at great cost to NH families and NH society as a whole.

Restrict the use of windmills and windfarms for power generation, based on:

  • Amount of subsidies: NO
  • Aestethics: NO
  • Environmental impact: YES
When it is dangerous to NH neighbors and by noise, very unsettling, it should be limited.

Repeal the death penalty? YES

Adopt constitutional amendment that reduces the role of the courts in the school funding challenge? YES

Amend NH constitution to permit citizens to vote on statewide issues in a referendum? YES

Adopt a top 2 primary system? NO

I don't know enough about it as yet to give a strong answer either way.

Leave immigration laws to federal government? NO

When the USG fails to follow its own laws, a State must take the law within its own area of responsibility if its citizens are to be protected apropos finances, crime and the spread of imported diseases.


Counties and Towns

New Hampshire's House Strafford County District 7 includes:

  •   Durham
  •   Lee
  •   Madbury
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8 Northside Rd.
Lee, NH 03861

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