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Gubernatorial News

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Dec. 21, 2014
Eagle-Tribune: Budget dominates upcoming NH session

Dec. 20, 2014
Concord Monitor: Effort to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, similar agencies on the horizon again

Dec. 15, 2014
Concord Monitor: Governor to discuss financial exploitation law

Dec. 14, 2014
Seacoast Online: New Doble Center dedicated as Army Reserve facility to train servicemembers

Dec. 5, 2014
Union Leader: - Governor urges negotiators to find FairPoint resolution

Dec. 3, 2014
Union Leader: Hassan files another nominee for SEC
Concord Monitor: Hassan to nominate third public member to Site Evaluation Committee
Conway Daily Sun: Governor Hassan cuts 'first' tree of the season for donation to local Navy family

Dec. 2, 2014
NHPR: Gov. Hassan, PSNH thank Hydro Quebec workers for help
Citizen of Laconia: Governor praises state for its compassion toward others
Concord Monitor: Hassan bids adieu to Canadian utility crews that helped restore power after Thanksgiving storm
Concord Monitor: Hassan announces job training grants

Dec. 1, 2014
WMUR: Hassan launches season for NH Christmas tree farms

Nov. 29, 2014
WMUR: Governor urges residents to stay safe as power outages continue

Nov. 28, 2014
NHPR: Hassan: Granite Staters should prepare for 'days-long' outages

Nov. 25, 2014
NHPR: Hassan orders $18 million in budget cuts
Seacoast Online: Gov. Hassan asks agencies for $18M in budget cuts
WMUR: Hassan issues executive order to cut budgets
Concord Monitor: $18 million in NH budget cuts a ‘first step;’ more reductions to come

Nov. 24, 2014
Foster's Daily Democrat: Hassan to present budget reductions

Legislature News

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Dec. 22, 2014
Union Leader: State House Dome: Just past Concord session a mixed bag
Union Leader: Censure over how House speaker was chosen most unusual
Nashua Telegraph: MADD names Shurtleff lawmaker of year

Dec. 21, 2014
NHPR: State spending will be focus of upcoming legislative session
Seacoast Online: Democrats renew bid for expanded gun background checks
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: A taste of things to come on display at the State House last week
Eagle-Tribune: Budget dominates upcoming NH session

Dec. 20, 2014
Concord Monitor: Effort to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, similar agencies on the horizon again

Dec. 19, 2014
NHPR: Proposal to allow concealed weapons in House chamber clears committee
NHPR: Rules committee rejects bid to elect House leaders
WMUR: Guns once again allowed in State House
Nashua Telegraph: Jasper, committee shoot down NH House rule change that would have appointed O’Brien
Nashua Telegraph: New Hampshire GOP lawmaker requests impeachment review of local judge
Nashua Telegraph: Concealed guns allowed in NH House chamber once more after Thursday vote
NH1: House Speaker Shawn Jasper passes first test of his power

Dec. 18, 2014
NHPR: House majority leader says he's moving forward, setting goals
Union Leader: Majority leader sees GOP rift healing after Jan. 7
Union Leader: Only time will tell if wounds from GOP dogfight heal
WMUR: Supporters of new House speaker call for GOP unity

Dec. 17, 2014
NHPR: GOP Executive Committee censures House Speaker Jasper
NHPR: Politicians have to claim their digital real estate before others take it
NHPR: O'Brien bakers say he should be House GOP leader
Seacoast Online: Pro-O'Brien Republicans defy NH House speaker
Union Leader: Rival NH Republican caucus seeks own voice
WMUR: House GOP split on majority leader
Concord Monitor: Bill O’Brien: ‘We’re going to have a leader of the Republican caucus, and that will be me’
Nashua Telegraph: O’Brien-led Republicans to challenge Jasper’s appointment

Dec. 16, 2014
Union Leader: GOP committee: Censure Speaker for Dems' help in winning post
NH1: NH law aims to crack down on those who financially prey on elderly

Dec. 15, 2014
Foster's Daily Democrat: Lawmakers expand Medicaid, reject casinos in 2014

Dec. 14, 2014
Union Leader: State House Dome: A good week for Jasper
Union Leader: Drones above endangering planes in NH
Concord Monitor: Staking claim to political domain names ahead of the game
Nashua Telegraph: NH lawmakers sponsor new measure to require state police to wear cameras

Dec. 12, 2014
NHPR: Veteran lawmakers to lead key House committees
Concord Monitor: New House Speaker picks his legislative leaders

Dec. 11, 2014
NHPR: Former Supreme Court justice will serve as House legal counsel
NHPR: Jasper set to announce NH House committee chairs
Seacoast Online: Sen. Stiles wants more money for NH tourist towns
Union Leader: Jasper names Chuck Douglas legal counsel
Nashua Telegraph: Court says NH legislature can change state retirement terms, denies cuts in contribution for employees

Dec. 10, 2014

Eagle-Tribune: House Speaker delays committee announcements

Dec. 9, 2014
Concord Monitor: NH lawmakers to again seek flood compact compensation for NH towns
Concord Monitor: Meeting to elect GOP House leader canceled
Conway Daily Sun: Chandler now Deputy Speaker, not Speaker Pro Tem

Dec. 8, 2014
Nashua Telegraph: Two proposed laws take aim at gas pipelines

Dec. 7, 2014
Union Leader: It's a safe bet: Casino fight in NH ramping up
Union Leader: Garry Rayno's State House Dome: Battle for speaker leaves hard feelings
Union Leader: Math adds apples, oranges to get House speaker
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: GOP infighting follows speaker election
Eagle-Tribune: NH Republicans divided over new House speaker 
Nashua Telegraph: Jasper won’t back down as he prepares for speakership role
Nashua Telegraph: Republican Party divided in wake of speaker’s vote

Dec. 6, 2014
Union Leader: Flanagan named NH House Majority Leader
Concord Monitor: New Speaker Jasper says he’s off to a smooth start despite complaints from other Republicans
Nashua Telegraph: Proposed NH law would disable texting, emailing when a phone is going faster than 5 mph
Nashua Telegraph: NH speaker appoints Pfaff, Rivers to staff

Dec. 5, 2014
Seacoast Online: Senate president announces committee assignments
Union Leader: Real work begins for new House Speaker
WMUR: Jasper aims to move forward after unlikely speaker vote
Concord Monitor: A House divided: Newly elected Speaker Shawn Jasper faces challenges
Nashua Telegraph: Jasper goes from dark horse to House Speaker following calculated gamble

Dec. 4, 2014
NHPR: Jasper beats O'Brien in heated battle for NH House speaker
Seacoast Online: GOP Rep. Jasper defeats O'Brien, wins speakership
Union Leader: Day long session chooses Jasper as NH House Speaker
Union Leader: Speaker election reveals the NH House in all its glory
WMUR: In upset, Jasper elected speaker of NH House
Concord Monitor: In marathon session, Republican Shawn Jasper edges out Bill O’Brien to be next House Speaker
Concord Monitor: Timeline on how the NH House wound up with Shawn Jasper as speaker
Nashua Telegraph: Hudson rep Jasper topples former speaker’s bid for 2nd term
Nashua Telegraph: NH’s GOP lawmakers look to keep campaign promises heading into session
NH1: In NH House Speaker stunner, Jasper takes down O'Brien

Dec. 3, 2014
Seacoast Online: NH GOP lawmaker emerges as alternative to O'Brien
Union Leader: County commissioners, legislators reach deal to avoid court battle
Concord Monitor: NH rep says he’s an alternative to O’Brien for House speaker
Concord Monitor: After 20 years, Wadsworth leaves behind legacy as House clerk
Concord Monitor: Bill would require troopers to wear body cameras
Eagle-Tribune: Hudson lawmaker could be alternative to O'Brien
Foster's Daily Democrat: House, Senate meet to elect leadership
Nashua Telegraph: Hudson’s Jasper emerges as alternative to O’Brien for NH House speaker
Nashua Telegraph: Troopers may wear body cameras

Dec. 2, 2014

Nashua Telegraph: O’Brien taps Chandler for Speaker Pro Tem

Nov. 30, 2014
Seacoast Online: Terie Norelli: 18 years in the NH House
Union Leader: Medical marijuana law tweaks planned by Concord
Union Leader: Garry Rayno's State House Dome: Familiar faces ready for Organization Day

Nov. 29, 2014
Seacoast Online: NH schools seek to restore state building aid

Nov. 26, 2014
Nashua Telegraph: Statehouse eyes turned toward O’Brien’s style in second go as House Speaker

Nov. 24, 2014
Union Leader: Tough task for NH budget writers

Nov. 23, 2014
Seacoast Online: The return of Bill O'Brien: Area reps hope for greater bipartisanship
Union Leader: A kinder, gentler House Speaker?
Union Leader: Gary Rayno's State House Dome: Get ready for some undoing in Concord
Eagle-Tribune: O'Brien's return as NH House speaker sparks concern

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