Biographical Information
Arthur J Beaudry (Lost 15%) (Candidate lost in the election)
Contest: 2012
Party/District: I - S18
Experience: Member Manchester School Board, President of the New Hampshire State Permanent Fire Fighters Retirement Association
Residence: Manhester
Family: -
Education: Associates Degree, NH Community Technical College, Business Management at Northeastern University
Website: We have requested information from the Candidate. Information not yet available.

We have requested information from the Candidate. Information not yet available.
Position on the Issues
From the Union Leader Voter Guide:

What is the most important LOCAL problem in your district? How would you fix it?
As I visit Manchester and Litchfield, people keep telling me that our schools need help while those same people are concerned about their taxes. My solution is to see that every dollar allocated to school funding is attached to direct student services. I would work to see that the state and federal government fund mandates they place on our towns. I would vote against downshifting of state cost to local communities and see that Manchester and Litchfield get a fair share of school funding aid.

What forms of expanded gambling, if any, do you support?
I would be willing to look at two strictly regulated casinos. I would like to see one in the southern part of the state and one in the northern part where people can come and vacation and stay and enjoy our beautiful state.

What changes, if any, are needed in New Hampshire's education funding system?
State and federal education mandates need state and federal funds. The state froze building aid, impacting all of our districts and diverting costs to local taxpayers. The federal special education mandate is funded at a level of around 17% when their obligation is 40%. I support a moratorium on refugees entering Manchester. They are well intended but with some students arriving with limited education, the concern is how our district can afford these programs without additional federal funds.
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In Their Own Words
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Candidate has not previously held elected state office.
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Contact Information
30 Bow Street
Manhester, NH 3103
Phone: (603) 622-3955
Email: Not Available
Website: We have requested information from the Candidate. Information not yet available.
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March 27, 2015
WMUR: House budget plan cuts university, energy-efficiency spending article  
WMUR: Senate passes Balsams bill
Concord Monitor: Plan would take money from renewable energy fund, university system for DOT
Concord Monitor: Senate approves new restrictions on welfare purchases
Concord Monitor: NH Senate approves bill at center of Eversourse Energy settlement agreement
NH1: Red-tailed hawk bill is far from dead, NH Senate plans revival
NH1: State Senate endorses child abuse reforms after Nashua child's tragic death
NHBR: Senate compromise seeks middle ground on Eversource divestiture costs
NHPR: House budget clears committee - again
Union Leader: GOP budget writers reduce state aid to University System of NH, bump aid to DOT

March 26, 2015
Union Leader: NH House reps honor fourth-graders who proposed raptor bill, encourage student involvement
Union Leader: Without gas tax hike, NH House budget stalls
WMUR: Budget process hits snag in the New Hampshire House
WMUR: Sponsor of students' bill apologizes for comments from House members
Concord Monitor: NH lawmakers honor students after raptor debacle
Concord Monitor: Department of Transportation spending plan, and gas tax increase struck down
Eagle-Tribune: House puts hold on NH's gas tax increase
Nashua Telegraph: Debate on NHDOT funding to reconvene Thursday
NHBR: Two sides face off today on workers’ compensation
NHPR: Gas tax falls flat in NH House

March 25, 2015
NHPR: House budget clears committee, heads to floor
Seacoast Online: Anti-bullying advocates oppose NH student privacy bill
Union Leader: Debate rages on as House panel OKs budget with $340m in cuts
WMUR: House committee passes budget with major cuts, fee increases
Concord Monitor: NH House Finance Committee looks to pull back mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders
Foster's Daily Democrat: House to take up gas tax increase
Nashua Telegraph: NH solar energy bill spurs outpouring of public comment

March 24, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: NH may limit access to students' social media accounts
NH1: NH lawmaker Burt: Death threats came after 'hot dog' comment
NH1: NH House clerk: Too late to discipline Groen for comments on 4th-graders' bill
NHPR: Fate of probable cause hearings in NH unclear
NHPR: NH House budget writers vote to trim state education aid
Seacoast Online: House budget writers approve cuts to Hassan's $11.5B plan
Union Leader: House budget writers begin finalizing their plan
Concord Monitor: Members of House Finance Committee reverse course on Medicaid cuts

March 23, 2015
Concord Monitor: Proposed Health and Human Services cuts create uncertainty across NH
Eagle-Tribune: NH House rolls dice again on casinos
Eagle-Tribune: House will vote on $88 million cut to state DOT
Union Leader: Utility debate turns to consumer protection

March 22, 2015
NH1: Students, parents disappointed in NH lawmakers' reactions to raptor bill
Union Leader: Gas-tax boost has backing from GOP
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: As state changes, budget bypasses big questions
Eagle-Tribune: House will vote on $88 million cut to state DOT

March 21, 2015
Concord Monitor: PolitiFact NH: Rep. Bill O’Brien says Margaret Sanger was active participant in KKK  
Concord Monitor: Senate committee not backing workers’ comp fee schedule
Foster's Daily Democrat: Gov. Hassan defends 4th-graders, blasts lawmakers
Foster's Daily Democrat: State tables 3 UNH construction plans  
Nashua Telegraph: NH lawmakers to propose hike in gas tax
Nashua Telegraph: House speaker wants apology on abortion comment
NH1: Fallout from 4th-graders' failed bill dishes harsh words for NH lawmakers
Seacoast Online: Hassan: House budget cuts are 'draconian'
Union Leader: Speaker: State rep. should apologize for raptor comment
WMUR: Speaker wants apology for abortion comment during debate on students' bill
WMUR: Gas tax hike weighed as solution to DOT budget hole

March 20, 2015
Seacoast Online: New Hampshire students' hawk bill provokes abortion comment
Seacoast Online: NH House seeks court opinion on voter registration bill
Seacoast Online: NH Senate votes not to require teaching of cursive
Union Leader: Officials say 700 layoffs likely with House budget writers' $88m in proposed cuts for DOT
Union Leader: Bill requiring 'conspicuous notification' on electric bills passes NH Senate
Concord Monitor: House Republicans eye gas tax increase after deep cuts to Department of Transportation budget
Concord Monitor: Senate scuttles proposal to make it illegal to smoke in a car with minors
Nashua Telegraph: Fees for retrieving files top 2015 NH Right-to-Know legislation
NHBR: NH Senate workers’ comp compromise gets mixed reviews
NHBR: Realtors, bankers at loggerheads over ‘kickback’ bill
NH1: NH lawmakers brutally kill 4th-graders' bill in front of them
NHPR: NH House finance chair calls on Republicans to back gas tax
NHPR: NH Senate passes, then tables, business tax cuts

March 19, 2015
NHPR: NH House finance chairman says transportation cuts will pass committee
Seacoast Online: House budget writers delay vote on transportation cuts
Union Leader: House proposal to cut $88m from NH DOT budget called 'irresponsible,' 'intolerable' by some reps
WMUR: Budget cut could trigger massive layoffs at DOT
Concord Monitor: NH House budget writers delay vote on $88 million in DOT cuts
Conway Daily Sun: Residents decry cuts to disabled, senior programs

March 18, 2015
WMUR: Veterans, police, university system could face budget cuts
Concord Monitor: State backing of $28M for Balsams project takes step forward
Foster's Daily Democrat: House budget writers to vote on transportation cuts
NHPR: NH House budget writers slash HHS funding
NH1: Financially strapped homeowners ask for foreclosure relief
Union Leader: State Senate moves Balsams redevelopment forward
Union Leader: House budget writers trim from Health and Human Services

March 17, 2015
Union Leader: Senate committee approves bill to cover oral anti-cancer drugs
WMUR: Supporters of Balsams bill gather at State House
WMUR: $180 million cut could cause 39,000 to lose access to health care
WMUR: DOT: $41 million cut would make roads dangerous, result in layoffs
Concord Monitor: DOT warns lawmakers: Budget cut would mean loss of 321 employees
Concord Monitor: Finance chairman says Medicaid expansion in question
Concord Monitor: Sunshine Week: Right-to-know record keeping and costs vary wildly across state government
Keene Sentinel: Cut in state funding hits county budget
Seacoast Online: NH transportation employees protest possible $41M cut

March 16, 2015
Seacoast Online: Right to Know requests could become costly in New Hampshire

March 15, 2015
Seacoast Online: Debate continues over Common Core in NH Legislature
Union Leader: State House Dome: The budget process never awe-inspiring
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: Budget battles heating up as legislators face ‘Bloody Sunday’

March 14, 2015
NH1: HHS official warns of "profound impacts" from budget cut target

March 13, 2015
NHPR: House repeals buffer zone bill for abortion clinics
NHPR: NH Senate passes fetal homicide bill
NHPR: Senate delays vote to extend state Medicaid expansion
NHPR: Mandatory paid sick leave fails in NH House
Union Leader: NH Senate votes to approve bill to legalize two casinos
Union Leader: Senate kills bill to restore state minimum wage
Union Leader: NH House Roundup: Vote allows medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis
WMUR: Senate passes bill to license 2 casinos
WMUR: Senate passes bill making fetal homicide a crime
Concord Monitor: NH House and Senate vote down bills to increase minimum wage
Concord Monitor: House spikes bill to allow government agencies to charge upfront fees for public documents
Concord Monitor: Plan for two casinos in NH, narrowly passes Senate, on to House  
Nashua Telegraph: Charter school funding bill passes the House Plan for two casinos in NH, narrowly passes Senate, on to House  

March 12, 2015
Concord Monitor: NH House passes bill increasing cost of marriage licenses to raise money for domestic violence programs
Concord Monitor: House passes several anti-Common Core bills
Nashua Telegraph: Charter school advocates rally at NH Statehouse in support of funding bill
Nashua Telegraph: NH House votes to increase domestic violence funding
NH1: House passes bill that gives schools Common Core option
NHPR: Charter school advocates push for more state dollars
NHPR: NH House OKs bill to increase marriage license fees for domestic violence prevention
NHPR: NH lawmakers overwhelmingly reject more background checks for gun sales
NHPR: NH House votes to decriminalize marijuana
NHPR: Fetal homicide one step closer to becoming NH law
Union Leader: House narrowly approves right-to-work bill
Union Leader: House votes overwhelmingly for pot decriminalization
Union Leader: House approves fetal homicide law
Union Leader: Under bill approved by House, school districts not required to adopt Common Core
Union Leader: NH House Roundup: Marriage license fees on the rise, no repeal on cell phone ban
WMUR: NH House votes to decriminalize small amounts of pot
WMUR: Gambling bill comes before NH Senate again

March 11, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Bills on abortion, marijuana up before House
Foster's Daily Democrat: House to debate several anti-Common Core bills
NHPR: NH lawmakers set to tackle dozens of bills this week
Seacoast Online: Portsmouth officials to testify in favor of hotel tax
Union Leader: Greater EBT card restrictions sought

March 10, 2015
Union Leader: The bills are coming due in House, Senate
Citizen of Laconia: Bill would exempt firms from utility pole taxes
Concord Monitor: On medical marijuana zoning, Concord City Council will wait on the State House
Concord Monitor: Budget input solicited through House hearings, Hassan emails
Foster's Daily Democrat: Business group presenting panel discussion on state budget
NHBR: NH colleges’ economic impact: $5.8 billion
NHBR: Dealers divided over changes to ‘bill of rights’
NHPR: Bill would change how budgets are approved during NH town meetings
Seacoast Online: Marijuana bills advance to NH House

March 8, 2015
Seacoast Online: Hang up and drive: Drivers must at least go hands-free by July 1
Union Leader: Right to know could get costly
Union Leader: Overdose immunity nearing House OK
WMUR: Lawmakers consider opening Statehouse on weekend
Concord Monitor: Capital Beat: Lots of keno players south of the border come from the Granite State

March 7, 2015
Union Leader: House budget hearing draws advocates for social service programs
NH1: NH Senate stalls on making business owners inform about contraceptive coverage
Nashua Telegraph: Nashua representative proposes bill seeking two-year transition to new education assessment test
Nashua Telegraph: Avard calls campaign contribution story ‘hogwash’
Foster's Daily Democrat: Bill would force State Police to use body cams
Concord Monitor: For liberty-minded reps, House agenda is proof NH needs Free Staters

March 6, 2015
Concord Monitor: Advocates testify in favor of increased domestic violence prevention funding
Concord Monitor: Senate backs business tax reduction, tables budget reductions against Hassan’s wishes
Seacoast Online: NH senators to vote on business tax reductions, budget cuts
Union Leader: House budget hearing draws advocates for social service programs
Union Leader: Senate deadlocks on right-to-work bill
Union Leader: State senators, governor spar over budget priorities
Union Leader: Senate gives initial OK to changing state education aid distribution, requiring teaching of cursive and multiplication tables
Union Leader: Senators fail to agree on bill requiring notification of contraception coverage
WMUR: Dozens turn out at domestic violence hearing article
WMUR: Committee approves bill to decriminalize marijuana

March 5, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: NH House supports tanning bed ban for minors
Foster's Daily Democrat: Bill mandates defendants hear victim impact statements
Foster's Daily Democrat: Senators to vote on business tax reductions, budget cuts
Foster's Daily Democrat: Bill would require cursive, multiplication tables in school
NH1: Nursing home cuts - first battleground for NH budget fight
NHPR: Senate committee balks at funding for the Balsams
NHPR: NH lawmakers chew on meat, dairy composting proposal
Union Leader: House kills bill that would have repealed ballot ‘selfie’ law
Union Leader: House supports bill that would protect students’ social media accounts
Union Leader: House votes to add conditions to medical marijuana program list
WMUR: Senate committee kills bill that could affect NH licenses
WMUR: Salon owners say proposed tanning ban would hurt business
Concord Monitor: NH lawmakers recommend House pass marriage license fee increase

March 4, 2015
Seacoast Online: Hampton Falls 4th-graders win State House fight for red-tailed hawk bill
Concord Monitor: Proposed amendment to NH pay-for-information bill would cap retrieval fees at minimum wage
Concord Monitor: NH lawmakers recommend House pass marriage license fee increase
Foster's Daily Democrat: Watters backs state’s minimum wage at $10/hour
NHBR: NH House committee votes against minimum wage hike, backs right-to-work

March 3, 2015
Seacoast Online: Proposed hotel-rooms fee would raise up to $700K for Portsmouth
Seacoast Online: NH bills would decriminalize, study legalization of marijuana  
Seacoast Online: Smoking while in car with minors could soon result in a fine
Conway Daily Sun: Lawmakers to county commissioners: Hire an administrator

March 2, 2015
NHPR: House to vote on indoor tanning prohibition for minors
NHPR: House to vote on students' social media privacy
Seacoast Online: NH Senate to take up right to work, full-day kindergarten
WMUR: Legislature debates lifting sex offender residency restrictions
Concord Monitor: NH lawmakers debate lifting sex offender residency restrictions
Foster's Daily Democrat: NH bills would increase, eliminate domestic violence funding

March 1, 2015
Seacoast Online: NH Senate backs fight against synthetic substances
Seacoast Online: RGGI supporters keep eye on NH Legislature

Feb. 28, 2015
Nashua Telegraph: Charter school bill would change school authorization process in NH

Cities & Towns
District 18 of the State Senate includes these towns and cities in Hillsborough County:

  • Litchfield

  • Manchester Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9