In March of 2012, the state passed HB 592, which caused the redistricting of all the house districts in the
State of New Hampshire.  After the passing of this law, the House now has a total of 204 districts. 
There are 91 single town districts, 70 multi-town districts and 43 Floterial Districts.
What is a Floterial District? 

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NH House of Representatives

The NH House of Representatives consists of 400 members and 204 districts. Place your cursor over your county and click on your county for a list of cities/towns. Click on your district or district # to view the representatives for that district.


Contact Info

New Hampshire House of Rep.
107 North Main Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-4951

Phone: 271-3661


Website: The New Hampshire House


State representatives are paid $100 a year, plus mileage reimbursement for official travel.

The House is comprised of 400 members from 204 districts across the state.

Representatives serve two year terms.

The New Hampshire House is the largest state legislative body in the United States.