Gov. John Lynch (D)

Experience: Governor 2005 - present
Residence: Hopkinton
Family: Married, 3 children
Education: UNH, MBA Harvard Business School, JD Georgetown University


Position On The Issues

 Economy, Budget & Taxes:

• Against the expansion of income tax
• Against implementing a general sales tax
• Against an increase in I & D tax
• Does not support an LLC tax
• Against expanding local meals and rooms tax
• Does not want to add tolls to I-93 at the MA border.

In regard to the economy, budget and taxes Gov. Lynch states: “The Gaming Commission made that very clear in its report that a strong regulatory structure framework must be developed before any gaming licenses are considered. I continue to have concerns about the proliferation of gaming in our state, and the impact that could have on our quality life. Once NH heads down the road of expanded gambling, we can’t go back. So if we proceed with some form of expanded gambling, it needs to be done carefully. I opposed adding tolls at the Massachusetts border in Salem. But the expansion of Interstate 93 is a critical project for New Hampshire’s economy and the safety of our citizens and visitors. Over the past several years, we’ve made great strides in rebuilding our roads and bridges, but there are a number of critical road and bridges projects across the state that I support. There is a bipartisan legislative commission that is currently considering ways to ensure we can fund necessary road improvements, and I will carefully consider its recommendations.”

Gov. Lynch does not support a cap on property tax and states: “I do not believe the state should take decisions out of the hands of local communities and their voters. I believe citizens of local communities should be able to act to cut local spending – as they do in many communities – and cap property tax increases. But I also believe that it is important that the state work with communities. Over the past several years, we have significantly increased state funding to education, which has helped offset local property tax increases.”

In regard to reforming retirement benefits of municipal & state employees Gov. Lynch states: “I am committed to ensuring we have a sound, secure retirement system that keeps our promises to employees across New Hampshire. We have made great strides working in partnership with employees to begin stabilizing the retirement system, including moving to a recognized accounting system and increase the contribution rate for new state employees. But the burden of fixing the system after two decades of neglect and accounting gimmicks cannot be borne by employees alone. I will continue to work together with communities and employees to improve the retirement system.”

Civil Issues:

• Against repeal of the death penalty
• Against the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana for adults
• Against mandatory automobile insurance
• Against a mandatory seat belt law
• Against a mandatory helmet law for motorcycle riders
• Against a top 2 primary system


Gov. Lynch does not believe immigration laws should be left to the federal government stating: “There is an appropriate state role for ensuring compliance with immigration laws. For example, I signed a law that penalized employers for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. But it is the federal government’s job to safeguard our borders, and Congress needs to act on this issue.”
Energy  & Environment:

Gov. Lynch believes the amount of subsidies, aesthetics and environmental impacts should restrict the use of windmills and wind farms for power generation stating: “All three of these factors should play a role in decisions about the siting of wind farms. Currently there are federal tax credits available to commercial wind farms and in New Hampshire we have a rebate program for homeowners that install renewable energy systems such as windmills. I support these subsidies as a way to spur investment in renewable energy sources such as wind. However, subsidies cannot and do not cover the entire cost of these projects. Developers need to have viable financing plans in place in order for their projects to move forward. To some extent aesthetics are considered when siting both large wind developments and individual windmills. For small installations, RSA 357:1 allows municipalities to regulate wind turbines, including tower height, setbacks and other items that may relate to aesthetics. The law also tries to strike a balance however, specifically outlining where municipalities can not unreasonably limit wind installations. For larger installations, the Site Evaluation Committee has jurisdiction and this process will review certain aesthetic concerns such as reviewing the local ordinances and historic reviews. As with the smaller systems there must be a balance between these reviews and the overall renewable energy benefits of the project. The Site Evaluation Committee takes environmental impacts very seriously when reviewing applications for wind and other energy generation plants. These installations need to meet state and federal environmental requirements. We have one operating wind farm in New Hampshire and another that has been permitted by the Site Evaluation Committee. It is very possible to successfully develop renewable wind energy within the environmental, aesthetic and financial constraints set out by our regulations."

In regard to adopting a NH constitutional amendment reducing the role of courts in the school funding challenge Gov. Lynch states: “I believe New Hampshire should adopt a constitutional amendment, although not one for the purpose of reducing the role of the courts. There should be checks and balances. But I’ve supported and continue to support a constitutional amendment that affirms the state’s responsibility for education, but would give the legislation greater flexibility to address this challenge and direct more funds to schools with greater needs.”

In regards to amending the NH constitution to allow statewide referendums Gov. Lynch states:
“With 424 members, New Hampshire has the most representative state legislature in the country, and representatives and senators are in close contact with their constituents. I believe we should be very cautious in adopting a referendum system. In other states, referendums have become the targets of millions of dollars in spending by outside special interest groups. In many states, referendums have also worsened budget problems by requiring the state to institute costly new programs without any consideration of how to pay for them.”

Health Care:

On the legalization medical marijuana Gov. Lynch states: “I have deep compassion for ill patients who believe that marijuana would offer them relief. Given the problems we have seen in other states, I have deep concerns about the ability to ensure marijuana would only be used for legitimate medical purposes. The best course forward would be for the federal government to consider the issue, and if there are sufficient medical benefits, allow it to be prescribed by doctors through pharmacies – just like other controlled drugs.”

Social Issues:

• Against Gay Marriage repeal



Interest Group Ratings:

• In 2010 the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund gave Governor Lynch a grade of C.

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Veto Record

Feb. 2
- SB 160: Defining and regulating a new product: the "installment loan" and overturning existing interest rate cap on payday loans. (sustained)  
• From governor's commentary: "SB 160 was strongly opposed by both Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature, the American Friends Service Committee, the New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrator's Association, AARP, the New Hampshire Department of Justice, New Hampshire Legal Assistance and a coalition of churches."
March 23 - HB 592: Reapportioning state representative districts. (overridden) 
• From governor's commentary: "(HB 592) violates the constitutional principle for equal representation and local representation; it is inconsistent in its treatment of similarly situated towns and wards, and it unnecessarily changes the boundaries of existing districts."
May 23 -
HB1549: Prohibiting the use of state motor vehicle records in any federal identification database. (sustained)
• From the governor's commentary: "Although this bill may have been well-intentioned ... it would have serious negative consequences for the apprehension of criminals, the recovery of stolen vehicles, and even for the prevention of terrorism and threats against the President and Vice-President of the United States."  
June 12 - SB175: Granting descendents of a deceased person 70 years' control over the commercial use of his or her identity. (sustained)
• From the governor's commentary: "(T)his legislation is overly broad, would potentially have a chilling effect on legitimate journalistic and expressive works that are protected by the New Hampshire and United States constitutions, and would invite rather than diminish litigation ..."
June 15 - HB1679: Creating the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. (overridden)
• From the governor's commentary: "Under HB 1679, a physician in a rural hospital that admitted a pregnant woman with a life-threatening condition would be prohibited from proceeding with a procedure permitted by federal law ... (which) could result in the death of the pregnant woman."
June 18 - SB372: Establishing an education tax credit for businesses that contribute to private-school (or home-school) "scholarship organizations." (overridden)
• From the governor's commentary: "This bill shifts limited state funds away from public school districts ... and does not fully target scholarship funds to students most in need of help."
June 18 - HB217: Including "fetus" in the definition of state law against murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and causing or aiding suicide. (sustained)
• From the governor's commentary: "This bill would make it difficult for New Hampshire residents to obtain fertility treatments and unreasonably restricts a woman's rights during pregnancy."
June 20 - HB1666: Saying the Legislature's fiscal committee must first approve any collective bargaining agreements entered into by the state. (sustained) 
• From the governor's commentary: "This runs counter to established law and procedure in New Hampshire, and would, in effect, turn the fiscal committee into its own state negotiating team, potentially requiring dozens of fiscal committee meetings."
June 20 - SB318: Tying voter eligibility to the state's rules governing the definition of domicile, as well as motor vehicle laws.(overridden)
• From the governor's commentary: "This provision is overly broad and will effectively require resident seniors, as well as retirees and young persons coming from out of state, to register a car and apply for a New Hampshire license in order to vote."
June 20 - SB326: Repealing the reduction in reimbursements paid to towns and cities who have lost taxable valuation; eliminating certain taxation of trusts under the interest and dividends tax. (overridden)
• From the governor's commentary: "I believe it is more prudent to study further the potential impact of these changes (in trust provisions) before enacting them into law."
June 20 - SB406: Establishing a system of early offers for medical injury claims as an alternative to litigation.(overridden)
• From the governor's commentary: "While this legislation is well intentioned, I do not believe that it sufficiently and fairly balances the interests of the general public with the interests of medical providers in expeditiously resolving medical injury claims."
June 21 - HB1607: Establishing an education tax credit for businesses that contribute to private-school (or home-school) "scholarship organizations." (sustained)
• From the governor's commentary (via the Union Leader): "Diverting public funds to private schools and downshifting costs to cities and towns is the wrong policy for our state and taxpayers."
June 21 - SB289: Requiring voters to show identification at the polls. (overridden) 
• From the governor's commentary: "SB 289 would put into place a photo identification system that is far more restrictive than necessary."
June 21 - SB356: Limiting, under oath and threat of criminal penalty, the scope of amendments that may be considered by New Hampshire delegates to any future constitutional convention; recodifying the laws relative to religious societies.(sustained)
• From the governor's commentary: "If we reach the point in our history when such a convention were to occur ... I would hope, New Hampshire would act with caution before applying potential criminal penalties to duly appointed or elected delegates."
June 21 - SB409: Permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in New Hampshire. (sustained) 
• From the governor's commentary: "I cannot support establishing a system for the use of medical marijuana that poses risks to the patient, lacks adequate oversight and funding, and risks the proliferation of a serious drug.

2011 - HB 133: Relating to the Minimum Wage

2011 - HB 218: Repealing the New Hampshire rail transit authority

2011 - HB 329: Requiring prental notification before abortions may be performed on unemancipated minors

2011 - HB 474: Right to Work Act

2011 - SB 3: Making comprehensive changes to the state retirement system

2010 - HB 1161: Repealing the requirement to obtain a license to sell in order to sell pistols or revolvers at retail



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Union Leader: Signed law eliminates felony cases from district court
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July 8, 2015
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