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Rep. Charlie Bass (R) (incumbent, lost 2012 election)
Experience: U.S. Rep. 1995-2007, 2011-present
Committees: Energy and Commerce
Residence: Peterborough
Family: Married, 2 children
Education: Dartmouth College
Official Website:

Position On The Issues

Economy, Budget & Taxes:

• Does not think the U.S. economy needs more stimulus money.
• Does not support tax increases for corporations, individuals earning more than $250,000, individual earned income.
• Does not support increase for Interest and Dividends tax or Capital Gains tax.
• Wants to see the U.S. pursue addition free trade agreements
• Wants to pressure China to revalue their currency.
• Believes the president should have a line item veto.
• Supports a balanced budget amendment.
• Does not want to increase the age for social security
• Against reducing healthcare reimbursement rates.
• Against reducing the benefits and pay for federal employees
• Against enacting the Employee Free Choice Act.

National Security & Foreign Policy:

• Against illegal immigrants having a path to legal status.
• Supports sending illegal immigrants to their home country.
• Does not believe immigration should be left solely to the federal government
• Against going beyond economic sanctions on Iran to slow its nuclear development.
• Against trying suspected terrorists in civilian courts.
• Opposes putting extra pressure on Israel to stop settlements in the occupied territories.
• Opposes pressuring Israel to recognize Palestine as a state and signing a peace treaty with Palestine.
• Against profiling to enhance national security.
• Against reducing our commitment in Afghanistan and states:

“we should change the mission. Establishing and maintaining a western style representative democracy is not realistic; we should strengthen our intelligence gathering capability to the point where we have the capacity to identify terrorist cells, then eliminate them by unconventional means.“


• Believes individuals should be able to purchase health insurance across stateliness.
• Supports repeal of the healthcare bill
• Would like to see the healthcare bill amended to change some provisions and states:

“And replaced with a plan that will lessen, not increase government involvement, increase competition between health care insurers, provide for universal deductibility for health premiums, fund the community health care system, implement reasonable tort reform, allow for the sale of health care insurance policies sanctioned in any state in all states.”

• Supports revising the tort system to cap medical liability, cap punitive damages, eliminate contingent legal fees and adapt the loser pays principle for legal fees.

Bass states:
“I support tort law reform, we don't have punitive damages in NH, the loser pays principle should only apply to suits that go to trial and are determined by a judge to be frivolous in nature.”


• Supports amending the No Child Left Behind Act.

Energy & Environment:

• Against a federal carbon tax
• Does not support an offshore drilling ban
• Supports tax incentives for alternative fuels, such as wind and solar power.
• Supports tax incentives for development and/or the use of clean fuels from coal.
• Agrees with encouraging nuclear electric power generation through more timely permitting.

When asked if federal government enact a cap and trade law for carbon emissions Bass states:
“I oppose the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill or others that provide for taxation of carbon.”

When asked if oil drilling should be expanded into ANWR, offshore areas, etc. Bass states:
“Yes in offshore areas if properly managed and regulated, no in the Arctic National Wilderness.”

Social Issues:

• Does not believe federal government should play a role in gay marriage or abortion
• The NRA has given Bass an 'A' ratings for his stance on gun rights issues.


Interest Group Ratings:

• In 2010 the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund gave Bass a grade of A.
• In 2010 Gun Owners of America - Candidate Ratings gave Representative Bass a grade of B.
• In 2006 Citizens for Global Solutions gave Representative Bass a grade of C.
• In 2006 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Representative Bass a grade of C+.

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The Live Free or Die Alliance will continue to update this official's page with new sponsored bills and final votes on pieces of legislation throughout the current legislative session.

Voting Record:

  • Voted for HR 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act - Proposes a reformed audit of the Federal Reserve System
  • Voted for S 968: PROTECT IP Act - Gives the US government and copyright holders additional tools to curb access to "rogue websites dedicated to the sale of infringing or counterfeit goods", especially those registered outside the U.S.
  • Voted for HR 3261: Stop Online Piracy Act - Allows the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as copyright holders, to seek court orders against websites outside U.S. jurisdiction accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement
  • Voted for HR 1116: Respect for Marriage Act - Repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and requires the federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages
  • Voted for S 1549: American Jobs Act - Cuts payroll taxes, extends unemployment benefits, and encourages employment in small businesses.
  • Voted for HR 2: Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act - Repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act
  • Voted for HR 358: Protect Life Act: Proposes several changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including banning the use of federal funds to cover any costs of any health care plan that covers abortions, and others.
  • Voted for HR 3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act: Would permanently prohibit the use of federal taxpayer money to fund abortion services.
  • Voted for HR 2560: Cut, Cap, and Balance Act: Cutts federal spending, imposes caps on future federal spending as percentages of GDP, and encourages a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
  • Voted for HR 4348: Makes changes and reforms to federal transportation spending
  • Voted for HR 3606: Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act - Encourages funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations
  • Voted for HR 1148: Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act
  • Voted for HR 347: Permits Secret Service agents to designate any place they wish as a place where free speech, association and petition of the government are prohibited
  • Voted for HR 3630: Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 - Extends unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, and more
  • Voted for HR 3078: United States-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • Voted for HR 3079: Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement
  • Voted for HR 3080: South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Voted for HR 1249: Leahy-Smith America Invents Act - changing US patent issuance from "first to invent" to "first inventor to file"
  • Voted for S 365: Budget Control Act of 2011 - raising the debt ceiling and enacting budget cuts
  • Voted for HR 1231: Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act
  • Voted for HR 1214: To repeal mandatory funding for school-based health center construction
  • Voted for HR 1213: To repeal mandatory funding provided to States in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Voted for HR 1473: Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011
  • Voted for HR 839: The HAMP Termination Act of 2011
  • Voted for HR 1076: To prohibit Federal funding of National Public Radio
  • Voted for HR 514: Extending provisions of the PATRIOT Act
  • Voted for HR 359: Terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions

Sponsored Legislation:

  • Cosponsored H.R.1343 : A bill to return unused or reclaimed funds made available for broadband awards in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to the Treasury of the United States.
  • Cosponsored H.R.1591 : Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act of 2011
  • Cosponsored H.R.1756 : National Oilheat Research Alliance Reauthorization Act of 2011
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Contact Information

DC Office:
2350 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5206

NH Offices:
114 North Main Street, Suite 202
Concord, NH 03301
32 Main St., Suite 110
Littleton, NH 03561
221 Main St., Suite 201
Nashua, NH 03060

Email: Click here

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Sept. 1, 2015
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Aug. 31, 2015
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Union Leader: Shaheen slated to endorse Clinton
WMUR: Look Ahead: Candidates to make pre-Labor Day visits
WMUR: Ted Cruz stumps in the Granite State
WMUR: Shaheen to formally endorse Clinton on Saturday in Portsmouth

Aug. 30, 2015
WMUR: Chris Christie tours the Granite State Saturday
Concord Monitor: Amid heroin epidemic in New Hampshire, candidates talk substance abuse
Concord Monitor: Living room by living room, O’Malley marches on in New Hampshire

Aug. 29, 2015
Union Leader: James Foley's family pleased with naming of hostage affairs envoy
WMUR: House parties help candidates reach voters, build grassroots network
Eagle-Tribune: Pataki wants to bring optimism back to America
NHPR: What you should know about Clinton's fundraising deal with NH Dems
Seacoast Online: Fuller Clark challenges DNC chair for more presidential debates
Seacoast Online: Graham meets with voters in intimate setting

Aug. 28, 2018
NHPR: After long absence, Rubio tells NH voters they'll see more of him
NHPR: Fiorina's speaking style helps her stand out in NH
NHPR: US Air Force can't commit to treating wells more aggressively
Seacoast Online: NH Rebellion founder eyeing presidency
Seacoast Online: Air Force may dispute EPA cleanup order on Pease well
Seacoast Online: Hampton company, Sen. Ayotte urge re-autorization of Ex-Im Bank
Union Leader: O'Malley: Clinton's private email use hurts party
Union Leader: Pataki blasts Trump's deportation plan during stop in Derry
WMUR: Christie's New Hampshire grassroots leadership team features veteran GOP activists
WMUR: Martin O’Malley: ‘You’ve got to just keep going’
WMUR: Scott Brown to host house parties for Kasich, Christie
Eagle-Tribune: Rubio in Derry says American dream must be preserved
Foster's Daily Democrat: Ten Rod Farm owner issues challenge to presidential candidates
Foster's Daily Democrat: Sen. Ayotte tours Rokon International
NH1: Pataki not worried about low poll numbers, says Trump is 'just dreadful'
NH1: In NH1 News intv., Ayotte says no to govt. shutdown and to Donald Trump on immigration

Aug. 27, 2015
NH1: O'Malley tells NH1 News Biden entry into 2016 'could only help' Democratic debate
NH1: Rubio downplays Trump frontrunner status in NH1 News interview
Union Leader: Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: GOP candidate Carly Fiorina blasts CNN debate process
Union Leader: Ayotte, IRS chief spar over agency's response to ID theft
WMUR: New Hampshire Primary Source: Looking for turnaround, Paul continues to attack Trump
WMUR: Marco Rubio speaks to voters in northern and western NH

Aug. 26, 2015
NHBR: Federal grant to aid NH small business exporters
NHPR: Despite revised proposal, Shaheen still concerned about Northern Pass
NHPR: Planned Parenthood critique unfair, says Ayotte
NHPR: Christie says 'pushy' Granite Staters don't like to wait for answers
NHPR: Vermont Gov. Shumlin stumps for Hillary Clinton in NH
Union Leader: Clinton ally accuses Sanders of 'political expediency' in gun debate
WMUR: State Democratic Party, Clinton campaign set up joint fundraising committee
Concord Monitor: Connecticut governor criticizes Executive Council, Republicans on Planned Parenthood vote
Concord Monitor: New poll shows Trump continues to enjoy a wide lead in NH; Sanders pulls ahead

Aug. 25, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: Christie blames Obama for fiscal crisis
Eagle-Tribune: Where are all the Democrats?
Keene Sentinel: Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham stumps in the Monadnock Region
NH1: Sanders says he and Biden disagree on many issues
NHPR: Scott Walker showcases his fighting side in New Hampshire
NHPR: As horse race questions swirl, Sanders sticks to his issues
Union Leader: All 5 Democrats running for President to be at NH convention
WMUR: Christie, Graham campaign in New Hampshire
WMUR: NH Democrat supports potential White House run for Joe Biden
WMUR: Sanders speaks to voters at town hall events in Conway, Berlin
Concord Monitor: Sanders continues to draw enthusiastic crowds, but New Hampshire voters haven’t made up their minds yet
Concord Monitor: Biden’s allies in NH watching for signals on presidential run
Concord Monitor: Chafee, Clinton, O’Malley, Sanders confirmed for NHDP convention; Webb still weighing plans to attend
Conway Daily Sun: Bernie electrifies crowd in Conway

Aug. 24, 2015
Concord Monitor: Sanders talks income inequality in front of overflow crowd in Salem
Concord Monitor: Fiorina talks innovation and the American Dream at Concord house party
Concord Monitor: New Hampshire primary campaigns rely on ‘super volunteers’
Concord Monitor: New Hampshire delegation members to host forum for veterans
Eagle-Tribune: Sanders woos working, middle classes in Salem
NHPR: Sanders rallies in Salem to kick off two days of NH campaigning
Seacoast Online: Democratic presidential candidate forum on Sept. 9
Union Leader: Sen. Lindsey Graham campaigns at Apple Pie Craft Fair in Newport  
WMUR: Carly Fiorina stumps at several towns in New Hampshire Sunday
WMUR: Sanders holds town hall in Salem Sunday

Aug. 23, 2015
WMUR: Sen. Lindsey Graham visits the Granite State
NHPR: Ayotte says Northern Pass needs to bury more than 60 miles
Union Leader: Who's in NH this week

Aug. 22, 2015
Union Leader: Walker has clear message for Clinton: I'm not scared
WMUR: Commitment 2016 Conversation with the Candidate: Chris Christie
WMUR: Scott Walker speaks at Politics and Eggs event
Eagle-Tribune: Walker calls for stronger defense during Derry visit
Keene Sentinel: Bush takes jabs at Trump, attempts to win over non-Republican voters

Aug. 21, 2015
NH1: Trump slams Education Dept., talks running mates, in exclusive interview with NH1 News
NHPR: FCC program will expand broadband access across New Hampshire
Union Leader: Use of 'anchor baby' term sparks exchange between Bush, reporters in Keene
WMUR: Bush, Trump spar during NH trip
WMUR: NH Democrats praise Carter after cancer diagnosis
WMUR: Fiorina meets voters in Littleton
Keene Sentinel: Kuster, USDA administrator visit Cheshire County farms

Aug. 20, 2015
NH1: NH to receive federal funding for heroin epidemic; Laconia police say arrests not working
NHPR: GOP primary candidates talk K-12 education at NH forum
NHPR: Air Force will follow orders to clean up Pease groundwater
Seacoast Online: Scammans endorse Kasich for president
Union Leader: Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: 'Summer of Trump' stretches on across New Hampshire
WMUR: Bush questions Trump’s Republican credentials
WMUR: Trump draws crowd in Derry
WMUR: Walker says at town hall event that he is feeling a sense of 'urgency'
WMUR: GOP presidential hopefuls gather for education summit in Londonderry
Citizen of Laconia: Fiorina focuses on business leadership experience
Concord Monitor: GOP candidates put school reform on center stage during New Hampshire Education Summit
Concord Monitor: Inside and outside, candidates and teacher union members trade barbs at education summit
Concord Monitor: In Derry, Trump blasts GOP opponents
Concord Monitor: Christie stumps for Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield in Concord
Conway Daily Sun: Shaheen tours Ossipee Pine Barrens
Eagle-Tribune: Trump draws hundreds to Pinkerton
Eagle-Tribune: Chafee, Shea-Porter make case in Plaistow Democrats' meeting  
Foster's Daily Democrat: Scott Walker talks reform in Barrington

Aug. 19, 2015
Keene Sentinel: Lack of federal funding delays study of dangerous Chesterfield intersection
Seacoast Online: Air Force agrees to treat contaminated wells
Union Leader: Walker tabs three as NH co-chairs
WMUR: Ayotte targeted in Planned Parenthood ad
Concord Monitor: Primary 2016: GOP puzzled by Rubio’s slow start in Granite State

Aug. 18, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: GOP candidates attend Londonderry forum  
NHPR: VA hospital pushes for greater vet participation in healthy living programs
Union Leader: Feds jump in, give boost to NH drug fight
Concord Monitor: Hassan, Shaheen praise White House heroin initiative

Aug. 17, 2015
NH1: Pro-Bush super PAC spending $10M-plus on TV campaign in NH and other early voting states
NHPR: Six GOP Hopefuls To Speak At Education Forum
WMUR: Look Ahead: Republican education summit top presidential campaign event of week

Aug. 16, 2015
WMUR: GOP Hopeful George Pataki at the Olde Home Day Parade
Concord Monitor: Due to flight cancellations, Webb is a no-show in Hudson
Concord Monitor: Ray Duckler: The man behind the Donald: tough as granite
NHPR: Trump And Supporters Say They're Serious About Winning
Union Leader: Kasich: 'It's the results that matter'

Aug. 15, 2015
Union Leader: Trump rally draws hundreds in Hampton
WMUR: Donald Trump speaks to 3,000 people at Hampton rally
WMUR: Ayotte, health officials, police meet to discuss heroin crisis
Concord Monitor: At Hampton rally, Donald Trump exclaims: ‘It’s the summer of Trump’
Eagle-Tribune: 'Summer of Trump'
Eagle-Tribune: Carson stumps for support in Windham
NHPR: How to Read the Polls When (Almost) Everybody Is Running For President
Seacoast Online: Trump remains on the attack at Hampton stop

Aug. 14, 2014
Seacoast Online: Guinta versus Shea-Porter, round 4?
Seacoast Online: Fuller Clark, congressman to host Portsmouth marijuana forum
Seacoast Online: Rand Paul: Trump nomination would 'demolish' GOP
Union Leader: GOP candidate defends his past research
WMUR: In NH, Carson faces questions over 1992 medical study
WMUR: Walker says unlike Kasich, Christie, he rejected Medicaid expansion
WMUR: New Granite State Bush supporters include former executive councilor, state senator
Concord Monitor: Carson uses Hooksett event to defend record, outline broad conservative agenda
Eagle-Tribune: Kasich campaigns in Derry
Foster's Daily Democrat: Rand Paul makes campaign stop in Hilltop City
Keene Sentinel: Rand Paul blasts Trump, defends libertarian record in Swanzey
Nashua Telegraph: Sno’ kidding: City gets aid for blizzard
NH1: In NH1 News Intv., Carson defends past fetal tissue research; calls debate theatrics 'foolishness'
NHPR: N.H. Voters Push Drug Crisis Onto Presidential Campaign Stage
NHPR: Kasich and Paul Share New Hampshire Focus, But Face Very Different Prospects
NHPR: Carson Addresses Fetal Tissue Controversy on N.H. Trail
NHPR: VA Health Clinic Opens In Colebrook
NHPR: Federal Aid For January Snowstorm Tops $1 Million

Aug. 13, 2015
NHPR: Kasich Says He Makes Mistakes But Can Bring People Together
NHPR: Political Junkie: Candidates' Summer Standing is No Guarantee of N.H. Primary Votes
Seacoast Online: Shipyard sets record with USS Alexandria overhaul  
Union Leader: Rand Paul urges Libertarians to vote Republican
Union Leader: Tom Rath endorses Kasich in GOP presidential race
WMUR: New Hampshire Primary Source: Trump, state co-chair differ on Planned Parenthood funding
WMUR: New poll shows Sanders ahead of Clinton in the Granite State
WMUR: John Kasich visits NH day after picking up key supporter
Concord Monitor: Former attorney general, longtime Republican strategist Rath backs Kasich
Eagle-Tribune: Kasich calls for stronger economy, smaller government
Keene Sentinel: Hillary Clinton, in Keene, talks addiction
Nashua Telegraph: Rand in the hunt

Aug. 12, 2015
NH1: Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas explains his decision to veto teacher contract
NH1: Senate Majority PAC slams Ayotte in first their first TV ad of the 2016 cycle
NHPR: Clinton Holds Forum On Drug Abuse in Keene
NHPR: Democrats Continue Debate Over Debates
Seacoast Online: NH poll: Clinton, Sanders in statistical tie
Seacoast Online: Clinton: GOP failed to mention '1 word' about college costs
WMUR: Hillary Clinton tackles drug abuse issue at Keene forum
WMUR: Rath endorses Kasich, to serve as national adviser, New Hampshire co-chair
WMUR: Rand Paul: Clinton using Trump as ‘albatross’ against all Republican candidates
WMUR: In NH, Rand Paul throws political jabs at Donald Trump
WMUR: Shea-Porter says support for potential congressional bid has been ‘wonderful’
Concord Monitor: Lessig begins single-issue campaign to reform ‘rigged’ political system in ‘referendum presidency’
Concord Monitor: Paul discusses taxes, student loan debt in N.H. swing
Concord Monitor: Ayotte calls on federal health officials to ease NH drug treatment licensing requirements

Aug. 11, 2015
NH1: Clinton speaks out on Trump, Planned Parenthood
NHPR: Clinton Rolls Out $350 Billion College Affordability Plan
NHPR: Shea-Porter Files to Run Again in 2016
Seacoast Online: Clinton speaks out on Trump, Planned Parenthood and Democratic rivals
Seacoast Online: Clinton pushes college tuition plan in Exeter
Seacoast Online: Chafee touts political experience at Exeter stop
Union Leader: Clinton: Rubio more offensive than Trump
Union Leader: Shea-Porter files candidacy statement for NH First Congressional District
WMUR: Updated: Clinton calls NH Planned Parenthood defunding vote ‘appalling’
WMUR: Clinton calls Trump ‘offensive,’ but calls other GOP candidates just as troubling on women’s health issues
WMUR: Clinton in NH: ‘We’ll make sure college costs won’t be a barrier’ article  
WMUR: Poll for Planned Parenthood shows voters want Ayotte to vote to fund organization
Concord Monitor: Clinton unveils $350 billion plan to curb college debt
Concord Monitor: Shea-Porter files paperwork in preparation of another House run

Aug. 10, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: New Hampshire voters assess GOP presidential hopefuls
Nashua Telegraph: Sandwich named for Kelly Ayotte
NH1: Virginia Gov. Visits NH To Support Clinton
NHPR: Clinton To Talk Higher Ed Costs In New Hampshire Campaign Trip
Seacoast Online: Hillary for New Hampshire hosts Virginia governor
Union Leader: NH waiver: SAT wins out over Common Core
WMUR: Look Ahead: Clinton, Trump, Paul, Carson, Kasich in New Hampshire this week
WMUR: NHGOP Chair reacts to Donald Trump's controversial comments

Aug. 9, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: After debate, GOP hopefuls back on the stump    
Union Leader: Crowded GOP field? Really, not even close

Aug. 8, 2015
Union Leader: Shaheen backs Obama's Iran deal as top Democrat breaks rank
Union Leader: Bush chats and prays with Town Hall voters
WMUR: Jeb Bush speaks at Barrington town hall meeting
WMUR: Commitment 2016 Conversation with the Candidate: Rick Santorum
WMUR: New Hampshire Democrats accuse Bush, other Republicans of not caring about ‘women’s health’
Concord Monitor: Bush uses Barrington town hall event as second act
Concord Monitor: Shaheen plans to back Iranian nuclear deal
Foster's Daily Democrat: Jeb Bush makes Barrington stop
NHPR: Back in N.H., Bush Reflects on 'Interesting Experience' at GOP Debate
NHPR: On Environment, Democratic Candidates Vie to Be 'Greener than the Next Green'
Seacoast Online: Bush meets with local fishermen in Seabrook

Aug. 7, 2015
NHPR: Thanks to Trump, Illegal Immigration Now Front and Center for 2016 GOP Contenders
NHPR: Democrats Announce Six-Debate Schedule; N.H. Debate Slated For December
Seacoast Online: Hillary for NH hosts open house with Gov. McAuliffe
Union Leader: Clinton rivals blast Democratic Party's debate schedule  
WMUR: Shaheen backs Obama’s Iran nuclear weapons deal
WMUR: WMUR to air debate of Democratic presidential candidates in December
WMUR: Updated: Ben Carson to begin TV advertising in New Hampshire
Concord Monitor: Watching, and cheering on, Trump from afar in Laconia
Concord Monitor: DNC debate plan sparks pushback from O’Malley, allies in N.H.
NH1: NH1 News Political Pulse: National Democrats announce debate schedule, O'Malley campaign attacks it

Aug. 6, 2015
NH1: NH's Shaheen, Utah's Hatch sponsor bill to curb student debt
Union Leader: Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: Biden buzz hums along; GOP girds for debate
Citizen of Laconia: Ayotte vows to help overcome drug epidemic

Aug. 5, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: NH Poll: Trump leads GOP candidates
Nashua Telegraph: NH well positioned to meet Clean Power Plan standards
NHPR: Speed Dating For President: GOP Candidates Break Little New Ground At Forum
NHPR: Final Version of Obama's Carbon Rules Cuts N.H. Some Slack
NHPR: Ohio Gov. John Kasich to N.H. Tech Firm: 'You Guys Are the Future'
WMUR: WMUR poll: Clinton leads by 6 percentage points as Sanders edges closer

Aug. 4, 2015
Eagle-Tribune: GOP candidates take the stage in Manchester
Eagle-Tribune: Perry calls for tighter border security in Salem visit
Foster's Daily Democrat: GOP hopefuls take on illegal immigration in debate preview
NH1: Sanders supports new Obama push on climate change; critical of Clinton on same issue
NHPR: On N.H. Primary Campaign Trail, McCain Remains the Standard
NHPR: Hassan and Shaheen Push for Increase in Substance Abuse Funding
NHPR: Sanders Can Draw a Crowd, But Can He Win a Primary?
Seacoast Online: Navy officials: future bright for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Seacoast Online: Ayotte stresses support for Ex-Im Bank during visit to Westinghouse Electric
Seacoast Online: Graham: I can reset a world falling apart
Union Leader: All eyes turn to nation's first primary state as Republican candidates take the stage
WMUR: Updated: Republicans talk tough on immigration, foreign policy at Voters First Forum article  
WMUR: WMUR poll: Donald Trump surges to top of GOP primary field in NH
WMUR: Updated: State Democratic chairman says GOP now dominated by ‘low-information’ voters
WMUR: Hassan, Shaheen, judges, police gather to discuss heroin issue in NH
Concord Monitor: GOP hopefuls take on illegal immigration in debate preview
Concord Monitor: N.H. voters at debate preview ‘just seeing what’s out there’
Concord Monitor: N.H. officials hopeful that Clean Power Plan will curb wind-borne pollutants in state

Aug. 3, 2015
Concord Monitor: Sanders calls on New Hampshire crowds to be part of his ‘political revolution’
Concord Monitor: New Hampshire, Washington schools offer political course  
Foster's Daily Democrat: Bernie Sanders stops in Rollinsford
Keene Sentinel: Republican presidential candidates to participate in the Voters First forum
NHPR: 14 GOP Candidates (No Donald Trump) To Square Off At 'Voters First' Forum
NHPR: Bernie Sanders Again Draws Crowds in N.H. Swing
Union Leader: 14 GOP candidates to take questions from NH voters
Union Leader: Feds' fire rule ends Cheshire Fair tradition of sleeping in stalls with animals
WMUR: Look Ahead: Voters Forum draws 14 candidates
WMUR: Hillary Clinton campaign to begin airing first two TV ads
WMUR: Bernie Sanders holds town hall events in Rollinsford, Franklin and Claremont article  

Aug. 2, 2015
WMUR: Graham and McCain campaign in New Hampshire
WMUR: Bernie Sanders speaks at SNHU Saturday
Concord Monitor: McCain asks New Hampshire voters to pay attention to Graham in 2016
Foster's Daily Democrat: Sanders in Exeter calls for 'political revolution'
NH1: Almost all the GOP White House candidates coming to Monday's NH forum
WMUR: Voters First Forum levels the playing field
WMUR: Graham defends NSA policies at town hall session

Campaign Finances

2012 Campaign

Raised $2,066,088
Spent $2,072,141
Cash on Hand $25,623
End Date Dec. 31, 2012


Individual Contributions 
$748,381 (37%)
PAC Contributions $1,270,365 (61%)
Candidate self-financing $0 (0%)
Other $47,072 (2%)

Source: Center for Responsive Politics,

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