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The Live Free or Die Alliance is a nonpartisan, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to serve New Hampshire citizens by:

  • providing objective information about issues and candidates
  • promoting the civil exchange of opinions in a variety of forums, online and in person
  • and connecting citizens with their elected officials.

The video above, produced for the 2012 elections, provides an overview of the LFDA


The Live Free or Die Alliance presents a new option for NH citizens, one that adapts to the fast pace of modern life and harnesses technology to put active citizenship within the daily reach of all citizens.


The LFDA provides objective information on over seventy NH issues and all NH elected officials because good information leads to good decision making.


The LFDA promotes civil discussion and debate in keeping with NH’s proud tradition of civic participation. Post your thoughts on our website, comment on our Facebook discussions, or follow us on Twitter to join the conversation.


The LFDA offers links to elected officials as well as instructions for communicating with NH government officials effectively. In addition, the LFDA efficiently shares member views with government officials, primarily through our Citizen Voices reports.


The Live Free or Die Alliance abides by the following basic principles: 
  • The LFDA is vigorously nonpartisan.
  • The LFDA provides objective information about issues and candidates, separates fact from opinion, and presents the pros and cons of various solutions.
  • The LFDA takes no policy positions and endorses no specific candidates.
  • The LFDA is member-driven. Members set the agenda, debate issues, and take action as individuals. It takes no policy positions and endorses no specific candidates.
  • The LFDA serves NH citizens by providing variety opportunities, both online and in person, to engage in citizenship, to communicate, and to participate.


Live Free or Die Alliance
Members are individuals who share the goals of the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA), support its mission, and provide some form of contact information. Most members sign up through the LFDA website ("Registered Users"), although you can also become a member by contacting the LFDA by phone, e-mail, or snail mail.  Membership is completely free!

Founding Members are individuals who have contributed to the founding ideas and structure of this important organization.  Honorary Members are selected and designated by the Board of Directors for their commitment to community service, their support and contribution to civil discourse, and their embodiment of the Live Free or Die traditions that make both our state and organization an example for active citizenship.  To learn more about Honorary and Founding Members, click on the "About our Members" tab on the Members page.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of members in good standing, oversees the LFDA. Its members are elected to three-year terms by the At-Large Members, who are drawn from the regular membership. The Board is responsible for setting the LFDA’s agenda, managing the financial and administrative affairs of the LFDA, together with the LFDA members, and establishing the means and methods for achieving its objectives. The Board elects officers and appoints committees to help carry out its responsibilities.

The current Board of Directors includes:
Anna Grace Holloway, Chairperson Rye
Paul M. Montrone Hampton Falls and Wolfeboro
Mark Thurston Sanbornton
Rick Samson Colebrook
Katherine Eneguess Berlin
Lew Feldstein Concord
H. Andrew Crews Manchester


Anna Grace Holloway, Chairperson

Anna Grace Holloway, a graduate of Temple University and University of New Hampshire, has been active as a philanthropist, board member, and volunteer for many NH nonprofit organizations. In 1988 she created the Holloway Prize, a business competition at UNH, to reward the entrepreneurial spirit. She also developed Little Harbor Charitable Foundation that has raised and distributed over $1.5 million dollars to programs supporting children and youth in the NH Seacoast Area.

Paul Montrone, Treasurer

Paul Montrone, a graduate of the University of Scranton and Columbia Business School, is the former CEO of Fisher Scientific International Inc. Prior to leading Fisher, Mr. Montrone was the Chairman and CEO of Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. He currently sits on the boards of the New England Conservatory, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health and is President Emeritus of The Metropolitan Opera.

John G. Sullivan, Chief Administration Officer

Mr. Sullivan is a senior operating and financial executive with experience supporting domestic and international sales and marketing efforts. He is currently employed as a General Manager for the Liberty Lane Service Company. Mr. Sullivan received a Bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from University of Southern NH. He has served on the Executive Board of the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors for the Chase Home in Portsmouth, NH.

New Hampshire's Motto

As the first state to declare independence from Great Britain and adopt a revolutionary constitution ratified by its people, New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die tradition is at the granite foundation of what makes our state such an extraordinary place to live, raise a family, and conduct business.

First written two centuries ago as a toast by General John Stark to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Bennington, the phrase, “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils,” has become synonymous with New Hampshire’s legacy of self-government, engaged citizenship, and fierce community pride. So much so that in 1945, “Live Free or Die” was adopted as New Hampshire’s official motto. In the decades since, it has become perhaps the best known of all state mottos, speaking to the independent spirit so ingrained in American political philosophy.

"Live Free or Die" means that we, as citizens of New Hampshire, have an opportunity to speak our minds and have a voice in the actions of our communities and government. This freedom carries with it great responsibility to our community, our state, and our nation.

At the core of the traditional New Hampshire is the belief in limited government, fiscal responsibility, local control, and the primacy of individual and private property rights. Equal is the commitment to one another as neighbors, respecting the rights of others, assisting those in need, and joining together as volunteers to serve the broader community.

Changing Times

The seeds of the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) were planted over the last decade, as several of the state’s business, civic, and cultural leaders began noticing a marked drop in the amount of time and interest their fellow citizens were willing or able to invest in state and local affairs. Nowadays, legislative activity in our state has skyrocketed. A NH Legislature that just two decades ago reviewed 500 to 600 laws every two years, now reviews more than 1,000 each and every year, most with little if any media scrutiny or citizen involvement. Concerned about the impact this shift could have on future generations, these men and women began to meet and exchange ideas for helping to recruit and reignite public involvement.

Over those 10 years, there emerged both a consensus and the framework for an organization that could provide New Hampshire residents with a modern, dynamic forum for learning and talking about the public policies affecting their state and communities – a way to spark new discussion and to help citizens once again take control of the issues central to their lives and their families.

Our Organization

The Live Free or Die Alliance was officially born in 2008, founded by a broad spectrum of NH citizens from every region of the state and every political persuasion, the common thread among these people the desire to reduce partisanship and engage NH citizens. Some of the key and early founders were Paul and Sandra Montrone, Anna Grace and Paul Holloway, and Fred and Donna Seigel, and their personal financial commitments along with others have helped fund the launching of the LFDA (Visit our Members and Donors pages for more information).

The LFDA was created to serve NH citizens and provide a contemporary, interactive forum for learning and talking about issues affecting our state and communities – an innovative, streamlined version of the town hall debates that have endured here for centuries. It also provides powerful tools to connect NH citizens to their legislators, offering links to government officials and committees as well as instructions for communicating with NH government officials effectively. In addition, the LFDA efficiently shares member views with government officials, ultimately forging a new relationship between citizens and their elected officials.

Through these efforts, the LFDA hopes to spark renewed interest in the issues and the civic involvement that has always characterized New Hampshire as a great state in which to live, raise a family, and conduct business.

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